Gap year.

While Malia Obama takes a gap year (rolls eyes to another dimension) I am bored out of my hair roots selling flowers. Selling flowers to people who do not give two flying hoots about anything but Continue reading

ο»ΏNot Valentine enough.


Short hair has been the love of my life for five years now. I have had easier days of my life not having to deal with expensive hair problems. However, Continue reading

Free-flow or something like that.

Sometimes I wish I could write in my mother-tongue because that’s where the joke is. The jokes in my language will give you Continue reading

The illusion called time.

There is this notion people have that you need to have done something by a certain age and at a certain time in your life. Continue reading

Please, mind your language.

While I might not be the most cultured human I know, I value the very basic manners in formal settings. It ranks closely to Continue reading

Powering education in rural Kenya through the last mile.

We all have 24 hours in a day. How one makes use of this time to propel themselves towards excelling is reliant on the opportunities offered Continue reading

Lighting up Kenya, simplifying lives.

On an ordinary weekday evening, my siblings came back to the house late from playing. It was one of those nights when we were experiencing power outage. Being the eldest, I was preparing dinner in the kitchen as Continue reading