Love; the rolls way.

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A Rolls Royce is a wonderful piece of art worth all the time and work put in to bring it to life. For more than a century, Rolls has been the definition of luxury, elegance, class, and power. In the same way, a couple following the basic principles of the Rolls will never go wrong (unless the bad comes to worse).
The first lesson is that anything long lasting takes time to put together. An average Ford spends approximately 15 hours on the assembly line yet a single Rolls Royce’s basic body frame only can take six months to build. Modern attitudes have considerably altered people’s perceptions of relationships so that they can go from total strangers to come-we-stay in a week. Rushing into relationships is a recipe for grief and short lived unions. Hold your horses and take your time to sew the foundation of your relationship together.
The engine is designed by BMW. In relationships the second most important thing is to collaborate. It won’t do for one partner to constantly seek their way and want to call the shots all the time.  People often feel involved when they know their voices can be heard. Instead of your relationships being as short lived as a three year Ford; make it last like the rolls that make the long time to build it count.
Royce’s’ are hand built; skilled engineers, fine artists and technicians take the time to go through every detail in the car. Young relationships need quality time to develop. In as much as phones and social sites facilitate the connection, nothing beats the effectiveness of just being together. This means being together in quiet settings like in a park and not nightclubs.
A Rolls Royce is a very expensive car (35million before taxes). For that kind of money, it is treated with profound care by its owners throughout its life. I’m not saying only affluent relationships work. I mean, the much you invest in each other (time, trust, commitment) will make you want to work things out and not toss all that in the bin.
Lastly, if one is choosy, they may spend a long time alone – it’s not a bad thing if that’s what you want-. On the other hand, it pays to be selective and to choose wisely. Rolls Royce knows it customers and its customers know Rolls Royce. Not everybody is compatible and love may not conquer all sometimes. Why not apply these few elegant principles to our relationships this time and see how it goes.

Apparently expression can cost you. Especially in public. I don’t mean jumping on benches in the CBD and you pour your heart out to strangers. I mean writing things on your social site page. Facebook in that case. Last time I checked, there was freedom of expression.  And as far as my little law knowledge is concerned unless you are defaming someone or causing damage you have a right.
In that case in as much as my post will get on your nerves, feel free, chuck me from your friends list or even better block me. If you can’t go that simple way, deal with it!!! Swallow a shovel if you want to.  But then something that might never cease puzzling me is the way this institutions will use what you have written on ‘your’ page against you.
The other day a friend is supposed to go for internship. si I thought that was *bliss moment*.the events and experiences I have heard tell a whole different story altogether. Well, that’s a story for another day. She wrote on her wall out of rage and now she is in a whole lot of trouble. This lecturer tells her to come back from wherever she found her internship because no one can travel that far to assess her. Really? Where does that entire internship fee go?
My friend has no choice but to leave that place and come back. On reaching her professors office the woman says “those were not very nice things you wrote about me on your Facebook wall.” Duuh! You wanted her to write a poem about you when you actually hung up on her at her desperate hour? Hilllarious beings i tell you? I hear she frustrates people like that each and every other time.
I guess some people shouldn’t be given any power at all because that is when they want to really oppress whoever is below them. I’m not saying they should come cook us meals and spread our beds, just serve us right.  Don’t forget what goes around comes around that isn’t too much to ask since somehow you guys exist coz we are here to be served. Kudos to those who serve us right by the way keep it up. You shall rise the ladder to fill the seats of those arrogant people because at some point justice shall prevail and theyll leave those seats just like Baraza.
Enough of my venting let me focus on what makes me happy. Be happy, life is too short to live on the sad side.  Till next time folks, adios.  😀

To beginnings and TMIs

Pen and paper always make a writer feel noble. But the transferring bit gets quite tiresome and one keeps postponing and postponing and postponing and before you know it you are gone. Technically. You are in your 80’s telling your great grandchildren the dreams you sat on forever. Some of us (including me) just love the ‘why do today what you can leave until tomorrow’? i know someone reading this smiled because they just found company. Sorry! I just left your boat.
Talking of postponing. I have wanted to blog for forever. You must be interested at what really happened during my forever. I just sat there thinking, getting mixed up with doing lotsa nothing and curling up on the couch or just staying in bed wanting to wake up.  Yes, you must be asking, who does that? I did. The funniest thing is that id sometimes get on-line and get to the blog site. While at it, I figure out id need my email and log in too. And I’m thinking I wanted to see so and so’s tweet pics (you can follow @thatTracy ) and that new video, and on my way there i hop on facebook. Before I know it I’m snooping on peoples photos, retweeting, and rattling that keyboard chatting with hundreds of lost friends on-line. *sigh* Chaos and madness.
That’s why today I am writing beforehand so that whenever i get online I can simply copy paste and my hands are clean if I get ‘busy’. It just reminded me how at certain times my brother and I argue on who is to browse first (like remote wars). So whenever you get before that screen, you hold on to it like tanzanite. I get on line and utilize my turn till the wee hours of the morning.
Wait. I’m giving you too much info and I’m really boring some fellas. So, before I write a thousand and one pages bout nothing and everything and leave you lost; hang in there. Till next time people, adios amigos.