To beginnings and TMIs

Pen and paper always make a writer feel noble. But the transferring bit gets quite tiresome and one keeps postponing and postponing and postponing and before you know it you are gone. Technically. You are in your 80’s telling your great grandchildren the dreams you sat on forever. Some of us (including me) just love the ‘why do today what you can leave until tomorrow’? i know someone reading this smiled because they just found company. Sorry! I just left your boat.
Talking of postponing. I have wanted to blog for forever. You must be interested at what really happened during my forever. I just sat there thinking, getting mixed up with doing lotsa nothing and curling up on the couch or just staying in bed wanting to wake up.  Yes, you must be asking, who does that? I did. The funniest thing is that id sometimes get on-line and get to the blog site. While at it, I figure out id need my email and log in too. And I’m thinking I wanted to see so and so’s tweet pics (you can follow @thatTracy ) and that new video, and on my way there i hop on facebook. Before I know it I’m snooping on peoples photos, retweeting, and rattling that keyboard chatting with hundreds of lost friends on-line. *sigh* Chaos and madness.
That’s why today I am writing beforehand so that whenever i get online I can simply copy paste and my hands are clean if I get ‘busy’. It just reminded me how at certain times my brother and I argue on who is to browse first (like remote wars). So whenever you get before that screen, you hold on to it like tanzanite. I get on line and utilize my turn till the wee hours of the morning.
Wait. I’m giving you too much info and I’m really boring some fellas. So, before I write a thousand and one pages bout nothing and everything and leave you lost; hang in there. Till next time people, adios amigos.

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