Suffering through the support.
Dear diary, does being a fan really have to cause me so much pain. Being an Arsenal fan, people are always on my neck after the matches, Showing me those fangs they call teeth. Makes me want to slit some throats. In layman’s language, I am a LAUGHING STOCK!
One thing they don’t understand is that we are just fans. Who told them now that they support a ‘winning team’ that middle field guy has a clue who they are or how they look like? They should really give me break! They are as round as the tank on my rooftop and they can’t even save their sorry ass down the stairs in case of a fire outbreak.
In as much as I smile through the pain, deep down I’m hurting. So bad, it kills my patience, I wanna bail out on these people I am so rooted to. I don’t know why I still support them after repeatedly losing to shady; and I say again shady teams like…….. lemme not mention any in case this is at anytime used to put me behind bars.
At times I do not understand why the moods of my week have to be based on what twenty four retarded people do, chasing that one round equipment they call a ball!!! Sometimes I get so carried away I wanna get in there, grab that thing and throw it in a volcano (that way I know no one will go after it-*evil laugh*). The only problem is that there are so many other balls I cannot get rid all of them. Too bad I guess.
Well, through it all there are things I have learnt. These things have made me grow in that pain. Believe it or not I have become a strong person. Now i know what it feels like to love someone who loses out on what they try so hard for. I know what it feels like to think that you are stuck with a jinx. Through it all i know what hope feels like and my faith has grown too. All you got to do is believe in your people and whoever you gamble on. Never give them a reason to doubt you even when they do not know that you are there for them. It might change someones life. Learn , you do not have forever here on earth, die a better person.

thats all i can say for now. 🙂

This one is about nothing in particular. It’s a weekly update of the things I’ve been through this ROUGH week. Thanks to the people who let me down, myself for being a major procrastinator and taking things for granted.
So I had this feeling I was gonna have an exclusive week but I didn’t expect anything close to the way it went. Monday was ok by the way, Tuesday my graph went from 38 to 102. I’m not telling you why (I have a private life to keep) everything was looking up and I went to bed all smiles. Wednesday ate all my energy and left me at 70, and I had a hard time keeping my levels up. Thursday mugged me of all i was left with and threw me over to Friday which drowned me to a whooping -72 by 5 o’clock.
Saturday has been kind enough to take away my sleep at 6. Yeah, staring at the roof was depressing enough. And then in the middle of my thinking and writing a song comes on. Its a new release called ninistarborn ft bobby mapesa.  (Shouting) EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who lets you produce that primary school rhyme at their studio? Leave that magic to Madtraxx please. Ok enough of my venting. Let me what the rest of the day has to offer.
But i got to say one of the things i have wanted this year is being positive and optimistic than i have before. On that note imma thank those who lighted my dingy miserable patch. Thanks to my ‘retarded’ group of girls, these people will be responsible for my rib cracks and cardiac arrest. My sisters……. where would I be without you fine women.  My dad; I looove that man my friend if i were to count my reasons id definitely run out of fingers. My God; for letting me through it alive, trust me I’d be dead without that Guys help. It was that bad, I needed that divine intervention.