My wardrobe and I.

Whether we embrace it or not, people will judge us through the way we dress.  Talk about being judged, apparently you are what you wear? How credible is that anyway? Ask me, I know people who are very descent according to their clothes but they are a whole different story inside. You know the kind they say that it’s a fox dressed in sheep skin. Anyway I don’t wanna judge or justify anything; it’s a free world out there you know.
I have those days that I wake up and just stare at my closet and can’t help but sigh and wonder and I go like really? All these clothes and I cant make up my mind on what to wear? That’s why people find women complicated and for real we can’t blame them because at times we don’t even get why we do some things we do but we just do. Did i confuse you? That’s probably because you are not a woman, never mind it’s a woman’s world in here. I am so sure all of us women have had this crisis once in every while, it’s no crime by the way, so don’t worry.
I once wore a really nice skirt coz it was kind of compulsory that day to look formal. Yes, that ‘compulsory’ word; lemme break it down for you. Being a college student I am more of a casual person, t-shirts and jeans work for me well most of the time but I can afford to throw in a little bit of other casuals when i have the time. I was looking good by the way but the skirt in particular gave me so much trouble I had to literally calculate my route anywhere. No, no, don’t get me wrong, the skirt was very descent since it was knee length. The problem was that the skirt really misunderstood that I wanted it to remain at its height throughout the day and not keep climbing up my thigh with every step I made. Long story short, i had a long day.
In other news, there are some clothes that are just good on the mannequins in stores, on size zero models on the runway and on celebrities during events and openings. I mean the ones that Gaga wears on the red carpet and on stage plus the ones Nicki is trying to create an image with. I dare say again, leave those clothes alone! There are plenty of OTHER styles to choose from. It’s ok to try out new things but please don’t go to the forbidden lest people quarantine you.
Speaking of trying out new styles and outfits. We were all born nude and whatever the direction of style one has decided to take is entirely upon them and they reserve every right to keep that decision to themselves as long as you cover your nudity; according to weather and occasion. At times it’s not anyone’s fault that they are ‘freeze and shining’ or really boiling under that garment. The weather can be are a real mess. So, it’s cold in the morning and you do not want to suffer coz you think that you have learnt a lesson. You get into your jeans, tuck em in boots, heavy sweater: check, cashmere jacket: check, and a scarf, good to go. You are so warm and happy as you see people’s teeth chattering so hard they could shred raw meat. And halfway to school/work, the sun is OUT and you just want to strip and throw away those clothes.
There are those days I will not forget to mention also. Like you have this meeting/date or whatever excites you and you dress up and look like a million bucks. Your hair is neatly tucked; nail polish all glossy, favourite and sometimes borrowed accessories are worn. That is the day, your haters will see you and choke to death, people will notice you, you will stop traffic, and your friends want to tag along like groupies; deep down you know you look exquisite in other words, the hours before the mirror paid off. You fika the designated place for the meeting and sweetheart, it has been postponed or that person is running late. As in it’s eleven in the morning and running late is at five o’clock. DUDE! Buy a watch and learn to use that small gadget called a cell phone. Or if it’s a date, your counterpart doesn’t follow the script in your head and just spoils your day. Nkt!

*walks away to contain anger* 


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