Okay. 9th march is a special day for me, each year. Others have gone a little unnoticed for one reason or another but this year it has been the most anticipated. Guess what? It’s my birthday!!! Yes. I’m not ten anymore but I have never been so excited by the way.
I repeat again that it’s a special day. I woke up and logged on twitter to beg a presenter to big me up like a miserable groupie but I decided it’s not gonna be worth it and quit. I went on with my daily what not’s and yeah yeah yeah….. lectures,  finalising my postponed project and blah, feel free to imagine the rest.
I look back and 365 days ago look like what? Three weeks and some days. Well, all i want to say is that I cannot forget to thank God for all the protection He has given me through all that time. The strength he has given me to stand tall through the bull I’ve been through with people and situations and circumstances. The good health, the love manifested through the people He has brought to my path both as friends and family.
The list is long. I will write a book and I know a number of us don’t like those fat books, right?  Don’t fret, it’s not like I will leash all my private life here. I go on to thank my family. You gotta be jealous; I got the best family ever!!!!!! And what about my girls? This is the A-list’. You have no idea what a-list is until you have met them. And the haters  too, thanxx a million. For showing me that im your role model, you just don’t wanna admit it. J. Don’t worry your secret is safe with me.
Thanks y’all. Kisses!

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