my solitude :{

Sometimes i love MY silence/noise. That’s why most times id rather hop onto a quiet matatu and get to my destination silently!!! (note the number of times i have used silent/quiet). If the silence is too defeaning id plug my earphones on and defean my drums. 
Over Easter this year we happened to be going for a trip. Do you know what time we were to leave for wherever??? At 8 in the am. Thats normal. Right?? Of course. And do you know what time we left? At 5.42 in the pm!!!  Thats nothing close to african timing. Its simple. People should buy watches or just simply learn how to interpret the ones we are using. *smh*
my motivation  comes from what i was going thru in the bus… By the time people were drunk on cheap liquor. Shouting shady insults and doing shady moves to the shady and overplayed jams and mixes. This is travelling!!! Not some local bar you just dropped into to get your’two for the road’. 
These very uncivilized people give you hell and they really dont get what it is you are supposed to do. I mean, this is campus and you just hold your horses and get over the post-highschool excitement and chill. You are on your way to adulthood sucker! Anyway, those are just my two cents and no judgement or hard feelings.

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