Exempting the fun.

With everything these days skyrocketing from call rates to fuel prices, we need help pronto!  If there’s one positive thing about the global recession, it’s the placing of the fine line between wants and needs. With time (and indulgence) the line has become invisible and we are actually beginning to think that we need what we just wanted initially.
Attaching an element of entertainment to almost every activity makes our wants look like needs. This will definitely make our lives stressful and very expensive in a way that one will go to bed hungry Monday evening just because they went out all weekend.
In as much as entertainment has been made a human need, it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune or even happen all the time. It’s not speculated how much you should spend on luxuries and  entertainment but  it doesn’t make sense to overspend on unnecessary things  today only to be broke the next day. 
The secret is to use what you already have to enjoy the good old fashioned way. For clothes; that’s where accessories come in handy, make them work for you and save you the headache of shopping for new outfits each time you have a function or event. For entertainment, you can decide to have a nice home cooked meal and enjoy the privacy of your home instead of a crowded restaurant and painfully slow waiters.
Eat before you go shopping, this way, you will not be tempted by all those snacks displayed by the till to bait you. Its like those things scream ‘buy mee buy mee’ *ghostly moan* Exercise at home. It occupies your time and it is free of charge! If you must go on holiday then do so during the low season when the prices are low and favorable.
When all is said and done and you have actually re-sketched your line between your needs and wants, entertain yourself as a reward. Motivate yourself to achieve your goals and targets, as this will help you appreciate and look forward to the treat and it stops being a routine that is tagged to your financial side of life.

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