Music is food for the soul, without it we would be starving our souls. Just like one cannot stay long enough without food. Where would we be without music anyway?  Everyone somehow loves music, the only difference being the genres that make us tick. Think of a world without music. The thought of it brings depression. Automatically.
 I once saw a t-shirt graffiti that read “music is a weapon. The only difference is that when it hits, you don’t feel the pain.” That was creative enough to open up my mind to a million avenues of this vast field. There are those of us who like either soft and low, hard, fast, slow or just loud music. We don’t react the same in situations, which is why you will find people loving different genres.
Music is more specific about what it expresses than words written about those expressions could ever be. That music has the power to express, convey and bring up powerful emotions without question. However, the issue of music’s moral and ethical power, and how that power affects individuals and societies, is one that receives very little attention in our world today. Ancient cultures held strong beliefs in the moral and ethical power of music and as such it was very important for artists within those cultures to exercise a certain moral and ethical responsibility in their creative activities. 
Music has so much therapeutic effect on all who are associated with it. They say garbage in garbage out. The kind of music has effects on our behavioural change. We all ought to listen to our favourite tunes often, this way we subconsciously change. A research was once conducted on how music affects people or rather animals. They put rats in cubicles and played different genres of music in each and on different volumes. They found out that the rat exposed to soft  the one music was calm and relaxed but the ones that were in loud fast music were wild and fierce.  
This music too affects their makers. As the musician constantly adjusts decisions on tempo, tone, style, rhythm, phrasing and feeling, they trains the brain to become incredibly good at organizing and conducting numerous activities at once. Approximately 90% of the brain’s motor control capabilities are devoted to the hands, mouth and throat. With this in mind, experts say that the fine skilfulness involved with playing a violin can exercise the entire brain and stimulate general intelligence.
Music also extends its mercies and blessings to children as musical training has been found to improve how the brain processes the spoken word. This finding could lead to improving the reading ability of children who have reading problems. These people who take keen interest on music are more self-confident and better able to express their ideas. The skills gained through sequential music instruction, including discipline and the ability to analyze, solve problems, communicate and work cooperatively, are vital for success in the current workplace.
Music is also used for different purposes. For one, music can be very therapeutic, one can be feeling low but you just turn up your stereo and in a few minutes things change and it’s certainly a better world. Sometimes one can be bubbly and all but a song comes on and they are torn apart to tears. This simply means with time we get connected to what we put our ears through and through and the lyrics of the songs and the beats work magic.
Through another research carried out in the US, students at risk of not successfully completing their high school educations show that arts participation motivates them to stay in school. The arts create a supportive environment that promotes constructive acceptance of criticism and one in which it is safe to take risks. With music in schools, students connect to each other greater friendship, fewer fights, less racism and reduced use of hurtful sarcasm. High school students who participate in band or orchestra report the lowest lifetime and current use of all drugs, sex and other unruly behaviour.
Music has made the world a better place. Now, people are employed courtesy of music and have food on their table. Without it, we would forget the radio presenters, disc jockeys, radio studios or even owners. Things would be plain like a church with only recitals to make or a wedding with only vows and speeches. People get to relax after a long week of hard work and unwind merrily with drinks and good music.
Despise not, the good thing that came long ago that has helped us pass information and made a change in most of our lives. Go on and plug those earpieces in and keep that world on the move.

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