I am not a common-stuff (aka Kenya Uniform) person ain’t tryna justify myself or anything but I really do not like having stuff that fananas like nanis. It really pisses me off!!! End of story.
Ok ok. I know ending there won’t make sense because I have to tell you why.  I love myself so much I will not struggle to fit in when I really was born to stand out. I am soon going for my internship and in case there is going to be an interview, I don’t want to sound like I’m from Mars or Venus.  So I am making a point to read newspapers and watch news at least daily. Yes, I have to make a trip to the school library daily. Funny enough it’s actually a good sport, the librarian knows me as the last to leave.  I am equally surprised.
My story is, I saw this chick with a phone like mine!!! I know I’m not that special or own anything that looks customized or anything. But my heart sank! I really hope that the ‘torch’ I have won’t be as common as an Ideot coz I honestly do not know what I will do. Saving that for later, I also noticed I don’t like being noticed for all the wrong reasons or for a season. 😉 That’s just me. Then, i have to keep myself from the tongue-lashers and the ‘Google-search’ of this institution. Trust me when they start researching about you sweetheart they will know how your brain works.
Result? Avoid groups! I do not say thou shall not have friends but careful what you feed or leash to your ‘besties’. I might be called selfish or an antisocial. That’s better than being a crowd pleaser, I got a life too. Well wishes to my opposition though, thanks for noticing that I am better than twenty of you put together and loving me for my ambition. {*giggles* no diss.}
Other than that, I noticed my fame-phobic habits go deep down to my wardrobe. I am one person who would rather go to an open market and go the whole hog for the just in fashion rather than catwalk into an exhibition and buy things our housie will own three months from now… feel me? In short, spare yourself the seasonal fame and stand out. It feels good. Once you go classy you never go back.
                                       #### J


I just love the way writers have a way with words. I burst into unexpected laughter when I saw a headline that read ‘Time to tame political prostitution.’ What is political prostitution? I cannot explain, only speculate. People have had enough of the political madness and are going to call it anything that satisfies them. I am however not for them so yeah go ahead.
I support all those civilians killing the lions that are raiding people’s farms and bringing the farmers back to square one. I mean, seriously? Last week was 28 sheep and today 10 goats? Okay. The authorities in charge should have their priorities right. Face the goddamn park!!! Are they going to wait till we don’t have any livestock left? And then the butchers will start selling lion meat, huh? We are bringing this to ourselves. Look into it with wisdom, protocol can be wrong when you don’t know where the problem began. Alternatively they can transfer those animals to the Tsavo and make that land a playground for all we care.
 Some University students got to be kidding. They are going to strike for the zillionth time this year? Do they get paid to do that? Is that their priority? No, wait; do they know what they are doing? They threaten to demonstrate and the ones inciting them already have their lavish apartments and sleek cars rubbing their goatees as they watch you waste your precious opportunities to make your lives. You thought it’s a right? Wait till your faces are vividly displayed on the screens and you have to be expelled.  Anyway, life is full of choices; all you have to do is make sure the one you make is right.
 CCK has wanted to switch off fake handsets since I was born. Isn’t it time? Stop pleasing us. Act! My bad but thanks, we know you are not in office for fun but if you are going to do something stop postponing. It’s annoying just so you know. Like a lazy kid who keeps walking the whole house chanting “I’m going to do the dishes mum, I’m going to do the dishes!” so that they aren’t given anything else to do. Shut those fake phones tonight if you are serious.
Lastly, I would like to ask what Kenya has done to Somalia to deserve these bombs, grenades and threats or who is it that is behind all this? I can’t lie I’m so scared to the blood vessels, half of Nairobi’s population is in the CBD and a quarter of the others pop in and out. Yesterday a nine year old boy died at the bomb scene in Mombasa. He didn’t even have a clue? I know no one deserves to die that’s why I’m worried and afraid.