By Heart.

I have always been a different person; (or so i thought) from the things I choose to own, to the choices I make in life. I guess the peculiar things are attracted to me. Or me to them, whatever. It works and you get my point.
 As a child I wanted to be a land surveyor. *crickets creek creek* I know, what the hell? No one in my family is that!!!!!  I don’t know what those people do; I never got to do a background check. I don’t care anymore so they can just be. In my opinion if you wake up you feel i want to be a security guard, do just that! I have a feeling you will be happier where your heart is because home is where your heart is.
My friends could say, i want to be a pilot, i want to be an Eng., i want to be a nurse, i want to be a teacher, blah. It was all Greek to me. As a child i was super bright! My siblings called me a genius. As a first grader i could give a fourth grade pupil a run for their money in reading. It mattered to me. I enjoyed reading story books as my siblings did chemistry and maths, bio, geography and physics and what not. Most are my elder.
In primary things were quite smooth and I somehow made it through the canes and canes and more canes. I never got used to them I used to cry so bad each and every time. In class six, something happened and my life changed. We were given a math test without choices and I freaked out, I failed.  Math and i divorced. Anything with digits gave me a hard time from then on, I just didn’t care enough to recover and go back to being good at it. It wasn’t my place anymore. We were over.
In secondary it got worse, id read humongous novels at the backbench, never completed my assignments or homework’s. Puh! Any input would go out with the teacher. Typical teenager. Anyway my point is, i lost interest.  At some point i thought i was being crude to myself but somehow it was a call. 😀
By the time i was in my second year in high school, i knew where my heart stood. What i wanted to be. Not for the money, not for the fame, but i knew i was going to be a happy person. Do what your heart wants. You will be happy and that’s what matters most.