Given a chance I’d take a side job of being a therapist or psychiatrist/psychologist (whichever doesn’t involve thousand years in college and really huge books. I’d love to know how people think, why they do what they are doing even when they do not know it themselves.
Don’t you think it’s so much fun being able to tell almost exactly what is going on in people’s minds? Almost magical. Innit? I bet you have stumbled upon this phrase if you are on a social site or not too busy to notice but if you haven’t it says “Don’t you think it would be a better world if we could just Google what people felt and thought about us?” I’ll be more than thrilled the day I magically start hearing what people are thinking. Like Mel Gibson in ‘what women want’ But that will happen just when Santa exists and visit’s Africa. Well, let’s focus on what is attainable.
At some point in my high school life I was a peer counsellor and somehow I managed to give advice. Frequently. No, I didn’t have an office and no I wasn’t ‘little miss perfect’ but I could talk people into and out of some things. I couldn’t read minds but I bet being a woman, my guts helped in sensing and solving those problems. Somehow. Have you ever found how easy giving advice is, and you cannot follow the exact advice to save your soul from tears and teeth gnashing?
Well, that’s the world for us. I have had enough falls, troubles and mistakes to last me and my forthcoming lineages. It’s time i learnt. And helped people see the stumbles. Someone once made a joke: why would you repeat a mistake when there’s plenty waiting to be explored? Makes so much sense. After watching ‘necessary roughness’ I fell in love with Dr.Santino’s job. It feels great helping people out. For me at least. That’s when my desires to be a therapist came back.
I don’t believe in shouting at children or canning them unless it’s gone overboard. Teachers, parents and guardians should really work on talking to them. It’s a good thing when people get their goals straight from when they are really young. It helps people develop self-esteem and the world will be a better place. Don’t you think? Go out and preach if you agree. 😉

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