Even in this day and age women face discrimination and prejudice. Yet, women all over the world continue to work hard to make a difference to alter their lives and the lives of others.
I am all things women. Calm down, of course I’m straight, why is your brow raised? Get your mind off the gutter 😀   I am fascinated when i see women coming on strong despite all the responsibilities assigned to them by default. The likes of being the one to run the house and manage the family among other nitty gritty things that appears almost inconspicuous. Not because it’s impossible but because they prove the world wrong.  It may look like nothing, but believe me, that thing is worth a medal.
Recently, I happened to listen to STL’s interview on radio and she said ‘I don’t look at myself as a female rapper, but as a rapper’. Then it suddenly hit me, that’s the problem we bring upon ourselves.  We struggle to reach the top and then we bring along the ‘female’ with the title we worked for. Female MC, female CEO, female doctor, female pilot/driver. No one ever heard of female classes/syllabus, female degrees or female skills.   
I don’t have a particular mentor but I’d like to shine my little spotlight on some women that I find worth the medal. I have to start from home, my mum, my aunt, my sisters and cousins and my girlfriends. Then in Kenya there is The late Waangari Maathai, Martha Karua, Carole Mandi, Beatrice Marshall, Gina Din-Kariuki, Wahu, MuthoniDQ, STL (of course) and Ajuma Naseyana. In Africa my medal and spotlight goes to Lira (S.A), Alek Wek (Sudan), Keko (UG) among others. The rest of the world holds obvious household names like Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth, Michelle Obama, Janice Dickinson (as bad as she is), Tyra Banks, Queen Latifah and Oprah among others.
Women’s day or not, I choose to celebrate all the women making a difference and those doing their thing in male dominated world. Yours truly, the proud feminist.

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