Word just in, a college student stabs 19 year old girlfriend because she was cheating on him. With a girl. Wow! What has the world come to?
 It got me thinking, how do people deal with rejection and frustration and all the negative stuff thrown their way? Do they cope? Do they give up the fight? Do they just hang on forever? Do they keep grudges? Well, we all are different and so are the ways of dealing with things. “When we don’t deal with situations, they find a way of dealing with us.” –Joyce Mayer. Whether we notice it or not, we
This are the days seem to have 148hours. You all agree if you have ever had yourself in such a situation. Personally, I think getting over this thing has stages/phases. There’s the shock and anger, the denying, the dawn of truth, the crying and depression, and then it begins to fade. And you look back and laugh at yourself terribly. The ‘what was wrong with me’ phase. The sooner you go through all of them, the better. Moving on means you are a bigger person and you are stronger.
Boys, don’t disagree with me just yet. It’s different with the girls. We are a lot more emotional than you. That makes us more human I guess. Anyway, my point is that when misfortunes befall thee, you gotta stay strong. For yourself.  It could have been worse you know. But life gave you a soft cushion to land on, and you got to get your ass up and find a way out.
When life gives you lemons, you can choose to ask for tequila and salt, make lemonade, or gush it to the floor. It’s all about the choices at the end of the day. The fact that there’s so much to consider when dealing with it. Like if you get violent, you might get locked in (and boy am I scared of cells!!!) or do things you’ll regret. These things can even affect the rest of your lives. Like being locked up for years if you are lucky to escape manslaughter. Violence is not the answer and it’s not worth it you got to agree.
Life goes on and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Life is about testing your strengths and elevating them. Your future awaits and the sad parts don’t last either.

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