When you are a child, your whole life is before you. Everything is a dream, including turning ten, going to high school, being a parent and or powerful personality in society.
Prayers are rarely answered the way we would like them while some dreams remain dreams. We sometimes get what we want and at times we are forced to sacrifice between our fantasies and realities.
At times, you can’t have it all and some things might just be too broken to fix. Some should be replaced, while others should be rebuilt: brick by brick. When you are done blaming people and seeing yourself as not good enough, then and only then shall you get over beating yourself and thinking what you could’ve done differently.
We’ve had hard times admitting what we want and somewhere along the way, we lost the dreams we wanted most. But now that we wake up and they are far behind, we ought to keep walking with determination and fearlessness because we don’t want to give up on what we want or even let the chance slip away.
In the real world perception is everything, you cannot afford an excuse.  Show that you have your life in control that’s when people will trust you with theirs. Charity begins at home. It’s time for a new attitude.

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