BEWARE: The people that will break legs, necks and banks to impress you or make you happy for the moment, are the same ones that break your heart into little, tiny pieces that you won’t know how to fix in the end but just throw them in a bag and walk on hoping that it will work anyway.
 You don’t agree? Where are you from? Pluto? Ok, then you are excused. I strongly believe that those that honestly love us sweep us off our feet without them knowing or trying. They might buy you roses and chocolates all right and you’ll feel loved, not wanted. You get my point though? These are the people who will still ask how you are doing even when you are mad at each other. For instance your mum can be so mad at you but she can’t help but blow up your phone when you decide not to show up by curfew time! Lol, trust me!
I have tales of my own to prove that, and so do you;  be on the lookout for my short novel hundred years from now, coz I’m never gonna tell, coz none of y’all are gonna tell me either. Get over it. These people will never make you a short-time project so that when you ‘jump in with both feet’ you are left wondering what the hell you were on.  I mean, you’ve ever been in a situation where you wonder why someone you knew is so two faced or has changed.  Truth be told. No one has changed. Show is over, reality check! That is who they really are; wolves in lamb skin. Don’t worry. Pick up the pieces and soldier on- chin up. As cliché as it may sound, it’s true that “what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger”.
Someone updated a random update on Facebook ‘it’sbetter to have loved and lost than never have loved at all’ and I couldn’t help but agree. And it got me thinking, what’s love and where is it found?  THE WAYS TO SHOW LOVE: Many are the ways to show love. A positive reinforcement stated, a note written, a diaper changed, a meal cooked, a soft word spoken, a tub of dirty clothes washed a pat of reassurance given, a kiss of unrestrained passion shared, a car repaired, a flower sent, a loving spirit lived!- Barbara Johnson.
And with that I see it’s only fit for me to end things on a nice note like that. Brethren, do not be deceived, true love isn’t as stressful and complicated as you think it to be. True love is just that; true. To the bone, hundred years down the line, it doesn’t change.

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