Wrote this a while back and lost it in storage, i hope its not irrelevant as yet even though we burnt their coffins just the other day.

I am so pissed right now I do not know where to start but i will have to address it, because the only way i am able to get rid of the rage building up inside is through writing. Actually, this is like a sign. Whoever supported the bill should not even be re-elected to parliament or be any leader for that matter! You have no idea what Kenyans want. Just go home! We don’t need you and your greedy self to represent us.
Each and every single Member of Parliament wants a send off worth 9.3M after doubling up their salaries somewhere in the middle of getting bored prioritizing Kenyans needs and wants. I’m lost. Have you heard yourselves asking that?  Are you out of your minds? You want a state burial.  Because you are what? A hero? You delivered us from slavery in the 1900s and you’ve been with us through the journey? Some of you are way illiterate to know the meaning of that. And just so we are clear, you earn it, you don’t just demand it. And expatriate passports for you and spouses? Or is it with your concubines? You want to rattle us then leave the country with orders for us to fight against the neighbours we have known and lose the only homes we have known our entire lives as you embezzle the funds you have stolen from us.
Do you know that there are people who lost their lives and those who survived putting you into power are somewhere in a camp: with nothing but the hopes? People don’t have basic needs; they have lived in torn and tattered tents for years! Besides that, how many civil servants are living on hand to mouth budgets because there’s too little to save for essential things like medical care. I forgot you have time thinking about that while you fly private jets to India and the UK and God knows where else to get first class treatment. My bad.
Have you also heard that while you are busy praising yourself for being the cabinet that took two weeks in Naivasha to discuss the current constitution nurses were taking longer shifts to tend to patients that are in hospitals that have never smelt maintenance funds since they were built. Has it occurred to you that the most important people who are teachers- they instil knowledge in all, are underpaid?  Do you happen to know that you work for us not the other way round? And you refuse to pay taxes anyway!! You have to stop all this shenanigans and use your brains not your stomachs to think.
I also forget that you take credit for giving the outgoing president a party!!! I can’t even shake my head because I’m trying to figure out what type of folly has swarmed your brains. Of course you didn’t have popcorn, biscuits and juice; you used state money for the finest cuisine the world has to offer. I bet you even asked a foreign chef to do that. I won’t be surprised. We wouldn’t be mad if you channelled those funds to build roads like normal people with functional drainages not those you blind us with fake drainages and then when it rains like it did over the Christmas season we are left with potholes all over you won’t even know we had a road to begin with.
Kenyans do not want perfect leaders; we just want to see the people we elect be our voices! We want someone who understands where we have come from and knows where we are going. We need someone who is in this by heart. Show us you got our backs and we would’ve earned yourself all the state burials and expatriate passports we can offer. We don’t mean speeches and empty promises, action speaks louder than words.
Tell you what? It’s been real. If you did not invest well with your hefty salaries, too bad for you because we have been enlightened and we are not going to vote none of the vulture back. We will be just fine with the people we will see fit to lead us through.

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