Have or die: THE DUDE

1.       Shoes: These speak volumes about any man. Be careful when choosing them and make sure they are comfortable, presentable and express who you are. You must have an official pair and a casual one (sneakers, canvas, espadrilles, oxfords, etc- crocs don’t count) don’t wear anything anywhere. It’s an unforgivable fashion crime.
2.       Belt: Men cannot escape owning a good quality belt since you guys have to wear them even with your pyjamas. Ensure you have a neat and quality belt that doesn’t send out mixed signals about you.
3.       T-shirts: A must have for any man who cares about image. They come in handy for most casual occasions. Choose a colour that suits you well but you will never go wrong with a plain white or black one as you can pair them up with any jeans and look great.
4.       Well cut jeans: Note, I didn’t say just jeans I insist on well cut jeans that look good on you and you can rock them anywhere anytime. No funny colours or designs like drop-crotch pants, people don’t get them so just stay out of them if you don’t have the confidence to stand the looks of those who don’t get your sense of fashion.
5.       Khaki pants: Since men are short of variety, a pair of khaki pants would do if you don’t want people from your neighbourhood cramming your dress code. Pair them with a nice black polo shirt and matching shoes for a casual look or a short sleeved black shirt for an official look.
6.       Suit: boys, you cannot escape these. You cannot go for a job interview in jeans and t-shirt, if you know what’s good for you, go get yourself a presentable fitting suit. Preferably a black, charcoal gray or navy blue. Stripped ones can work too.
7.       Accessories: A watch and sunglasses. These are all a man needs to accessorize, so I will not spare any man who owns a cheap, sloppy watch or sunglasses for that matter. I mean if you have to have these, invest. A watch will give you class and sunglasses will not only switch up your look but say you have style.
I couldn’t walk around and raid people’s closets, but that’s all the help you can need to look suave and relevant at the same time. Strive to look good, it will work you miracles.

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