Have or Die: THE LADY.

Fashion has evolved so fast. It’s like we have different things trending in every blink of an eye. Most of us get lost while some get it wrong or just get left behind. In all that, we have to dress either way. There are those pieces a living young adult closet shouldn’t miss.
 Being a woman isn’t one of the easiest things on earth I must say. But we are one of Gods most beautiful creations with the curves that make the world go round. Flaunting your strengths is not a request. A cautious woman closet shouldn’t miss:
1.       A dress:  A single colour (preferably black) dress that is semi-official. Meaning you can wear it both to work and an evening out without looking misplaced. If it has to, let it not be too tight or too short. All you need to know is accessorizing to fit the part.
2.       A neutral pair of heels/wedges: These should be black, beige or brown. Something that is not attention seeking by any chance. Leave white for church, the beach and weddings. They should be not too funky or too plain such that you would use them to switch up an outfit for an occasion that needs the elegance and of course work.
3.       Flat shoes: Plastic shoes do not count. They can be open or closed but should be able to go with almost anything in your closet. Comfort is priority here as heels can decide to torture. You can wear them to lectures and to functions like garden weddings or to the beach. You are allowed colour here. If you can afford to have a variety the better.
4.       Jeans: Who doesn’t own jeans? Why? This is essential; it’s like a magical little piece of cloth. Can be worn to most places and have you look good without even trying. Get a pair or two you are most comfortable with. Mostly, black or faded blue will do the trick.
5.       African print: With all this African madness taking the runway by storm, you cannot afford to miss anything African in your closet, from hair clips to skirts, jumpsuits, shorts, dresses to shoes. You can wear these authentic pieces to almost anywhere and standout without trying too hard.
6.       Accessories: This is your saviour. It doesn’t leave you an option. Good thing you can have a million of these to give you a different look when desired. Bangles, earrings, cocktail rings, sunglasses and neckpieces. Choose whatever tickles your fancy and make it work.
7.       Handbag: No need for explanations. You just cannot miss a good bag in your closet. It’s a crime I can have my grandmother sue you for. Have a neutral colour and just the right size. Preferably a tote bag as it’s the in thing.

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