The lucky Break.

Procrastination is a disease and by all means today I have been tossed out of it. To do this post. I am convincing my mind that I can do this before I call it a day. I’m gonna take this moment to ask you to kindly bear with me if this post doesn’t make sense to you but please I’m hoping I drive my point home. Sit on tight.
We all have struggles dreams and ambitions, right? Some of us dream and keep sleeping while there are those among us who dream and work on it to the last detail. No matter how fast or slow one is working on it, it’s commendable because you are lapping that person on the couch. Keep going. I believe everyone has a lucky break; big or small it’s still a lucky break. In my theory, this is when God pays you for how much you have tried; the rejection, sleepless nights, blood, sweat and tears. The more you try, the bigger your break.
If you are wondering what I’m getting to, I’m talking about people like Justin Bieber, Psy, Otonglo et al. (Why we no have women? Ok.) At his 30’s Psy managed to take the world by storm and his YouTube views flew off the charts. Bieber had been in the game for a while, singing in the park and all then he got his big break he was in his teens. Our very own version of a big break David “Otonglo” Owira has become the envy of his peers when he confidently warmed and tickled many doing something he loves.
I’m wondering how many people out there who are on their bum asking “tunaomba sirkali” to bath and cloth them. I do not know anyone who did their work diligently and got all doors slammed on their faces. Of course some doors will slam shut especially when you are starting. How much resilience you put in is the fuel that will get you there. Do you know if we were getting paid to sleep we would find it hard to do that? Trust me, and I’m sure you agree with me.
And then there is the flip side of this lucky break and all. When you get famous but it’s more or less ridicule. People like Rebecca Black, the whole world went ham on that little girl for just trying to do her thing. Fine, I agree that the song hardly made sense, ok, it did but it was like a nursery rhyme on a wasted feel good beat. I didn’t like the song but I still sing along to it especially the bridge where they go “R.B Rebecca Black”. Then we have Susan Mirfat the lady from Tujuane, she trended worldwide just for that scripted show and had meme’s for days.
Most probably when you encounter the flip side of fame you are likely to go into depression as people attack you in the most brutal way possible. Ooh no, I have never wanted to be that girl, I hate when people stare so if that happens to me I’d probably go to my shags and live under a rock where people don’t use internet and probably only 30% have TV and watch it.
My point being, when you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again. Take it positively and bounce back. I mean look at people like Oprah, she got fired from a major TV job and now she could fund that same network for years. And if there is much rejection in the things you do, you are on the right track. because winners lose much more than losers.
“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them. -Henry David Thoreau”

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