Weave Business

Weaves might have been the best invention for most women since sliced bread but I cannot help but disagree with how they have come to define the modern woman. Out of ten women in Africa today, nine are hiding their natural hair beneath weaves and I think it’s time we should toss them in the bin where they belong and leave horses tails alone.  Isn’t that where they come from?
They are technically fixed in six ways but ill cut down to the ones we are all familiar with; bonding, which happens to be very expensive, lace extensions that are equally expensive and the most common and quite pocket friendly, weaving.
Bonding takes hours to fix your natural hair to the synthetic weave and is done with some type of glue that doesn’t easily let the two separate but at the time of removal if your hairdresser is impatient; oh boy! You will be balder than you were trying to cover initially. The glue also damages your skull and hair roots. Choose wisely.
Both hair and skull are supposed to be cleaned regularly. Do you know how long some of us out here put on weaves for? Four months!! There was a particular teacher in primary school that had hers for that long. And I know she is not alone. It might be working for you as cheap but remember cheap is expensive, so what happens is, bacteria builds up beneath and causes a number of things including severe dandruff and lice.
Natural hair is easy and cheap to maintain and I ask again why do we have to dig up thousands of shillings from our pockets to get a weave? Then there is the fixing part where if your hairdresser goes one direction wrong you will be grumpy and get it removed in less than 5 seconds. 
Save yourself the misery and go natural.

3 thoughts on “Weave Business

  1. Hahuh! Every woman should read this. I am a proud natural, though occasionally I put extension braids. African hair is beautiful and we should all flaunt it 🙂


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