Of drivers, passangers and everything in between.

Music. I think I love most genres of music so I would never have a consistent answer all through 5 interviews. And we all know what that would mean for other people out there waiting to pounce on any and everybody who is hang out to dry read “brought to light”. Never mind.
That’s actually the main reason I am so scared of being an out there person. Meme’s will be created and all but I’m hoping that day will come when I get myself out there and have the skin to stand the gutter press and the jobless on social media. My favourite preferences are Rock (not hard rock by any chance- it makes me want to explode), house, kwaito, zouk and Trance. On rock maybe I’d say I’m a little of an emo but to be quite frank I don’t know what I really am. That said and done we get to the point.
We have had the best bands in the history of music and we have loved their music. LMFAO, Swedish house mafia, my chemical romance, destiny’s child, spice girls, pussy cat dolls among others. Normally, in a group there has to be the driver (the main man), and the passengers. The driver usually commands the fame by his/her talent the rest just exist and keep the group going. They will drop a line and do things that will always and forever drag the bands’ name to the tabloids and all that gutter press.
Somewhere along the way, it gets to the drivers nerves because they are the one who do A-X and the others just do Y and Z, so they break up. And as fans we wail and talk but we get over it. Then the main act doesn’t die. They go on and sell solo albums, go on tours and collabo successfully. Nicole Sherzinger, Collo, Adam Lavigne, Beyonce and Kelly, Mel B, Nate Ruess of Fun among others.
However I have to say that in destiny’s child Kelly was the main girl. She just never got the right manager since it always had to be the bosses’ daughter who got the shine. I’m not trying to say B is lazy but I have to admit Kelly has this “gerribility” on a whole new level, B just can’t compete! This, my friend has to be the reason she lately has hit after hit after hit and maintaining a hot bod like she is 18.
When all is said and done, everyone will live their lives and will have to be the one in charge. Breaking it down to school group works, take charge and be a driver or at least the co-driver. Of course chances are people will leave you to do the dirty work- which I have to mention are VERY benefiting at the end, I learnt from experience. Don’t rant and rave but instead Keep calm and take the feather, put it in your cap because it actually is a good thing.

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