I’m about to do something stupid and i know it, but still feel a great urge to do it. You see the way people say that if things happen to you, you should keep them to yourself? Yeah, today i feel like defying those rules too. And blog this (read tell the world).
For the past two or so months i have had someone talking and acting all shady towards me. i have always said to myself “zip it, just zip it Tracy, you are learning how to keep calm and ignore. Be a good student and breath.” It worked, and i was getting somewhere. I was happy with the progress and my achievement so far. And then they pushed me off the cliff and here i am.
You see, that’s not who i am, because anytime someone tries to trample on me or say something insulting i always have a way of letting them know what grounds they are treading on and state the boundaries i don’t let people get to . No, don’t think I’m the fight-instigator type of person or the drama mama, but i don’t let people do things that i disapprove or hurt me or my feelings in any way. I say what i need to say when I’m supposed to say it.
 I wasn’t actually taught that by anyone but i may have picked some of that from my mother. At times i wish i would’ve inherited my dad’s “ignore-button”. This could’ve come in handy when dealing with people with ego’s up there with the sun making them believe they are always right and trying to get your point across will give you migraines for days. I would like to let you know i was bullied and belittled when i went to boarding in primary and i used to cry myself to sleep all the time. If you were not bullied, it’s the kind of feeling you wouldn’t like to experience now or ever. With time i learnt and chose to rise above that fear.
Tell you what? If you have actually been put through some terribly tough times (by people who don’t matter when you look back) and are wondering if those people are being sent your way all the time. The answer is no. You are only as worthy as what you let yourself be. Set your boundaries and always guard those boundaries. Because people with issues will always try to drag you down with them.
I have also learnt that when you sit on something that keeps pushing you down, a time might come when you will erupt like a volcano and nobody will recognize who that person is, including yourself. My moral is, don’t let nobody put you down and say what you need to say, take your stand no matter what; but stay civil and  decent altogether. Better still; know when to fight (for yourself) and when to take flight. When it’s all said and done, don’t let it go to your head, because your opinion is the only one that counts.

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