There are times in life when we feel so far away from ourselves or our dreams or even our lives. At this point we feel helpless and we feel like we have not achieved a damn thing in our entire lives. Some of us feel like this once in a while, some feel it more often than others and some of us just don’t remember when we felt good about ourselves or what we have/ are going through.
True, things might be a rubble. But we have to learn to see the best in things that happen to us. One day, a young woman missed her usual 6:45am bus to work. She remembers feeling like a failure. She forgot that she caught the bus most times and instead blamed herself for missing the bus. A few minutes later she got into another bus and was on her way to work, although this time, traffic had already built up and she continued beating herself about it. A few miles ahead, she saw a bus that had overturned. She looked closely, and guess what? It was the bus she missed.
The best thing about all of the things we go through is that there is always someone who is at a far messier place or a far better place than you are. Thou shall not compare thyself or want to be like someone else because that is the beginning of all disaster. Don’t you ask yourself why they say (whoever they are) “don’t judge a book by its cover”? People will smile and laugh their hearts out in public but when they are alone or behind closed doors they are hurting and miserable.
Everyone on earth has problems, ask Bill Gates, ask Oprah. Probably those people you look up to are going through worse things than you are. But do you know the secret? People who look happier don’t wear their problems on their sleeves. And it’s also true that if you keep smiling, your brain is tricked into believing you are happy hence your day is better. Does that make sense? But at least you get my point. Nothing has to make sense in this world by the way, if it did where would mathematics go? So don’t even start thinking
So whatever it is you are going through today. Keep calm and smile through it because you are not alone. For the sake of those who look up to you and for the sake of the good times that were and those that will be.