There is no point in time I will see it fit for people to take their children out for whatever hustles they have to make ends meet. I really hate when children come up to me begging for money. Yes it could be bad, maybe it’s true they haven’t eaten for a day or so, but why doesn’t the parent or whoever the guardian is take it upon themselves to fend for the little souls?
It is a crime against humanity to expose any child to such harsh environments at such a tender age. Children as young as 3 years have mastered the art of begging. They know who has and who doesn’t. Regardless of how much they could learn from any of the experiences it is not a tad fair for anyone at that age to have things so serious in life for them.
Why is it hard for some people to protect the young ones when they are the ones that brought them into this world in the first place? Why is it that a small child is taught how to beg? Why can’t they be taught better things like going to school and becoming a better person tomorrow? If we are looking forward to eliminate poverty from our society, that’s not the way to do it. I may not be an expert but if that child is going to become a better person and help the parent during their old age, there should be a better way of doing things.
The habit is mostly among mothers. I have seen one man too but that’s besides the point. It was dark into the night and a boy of about 10 was selling groceries. Shouldn’t he be at home doing homework and getting rest and keeping warm? Most of those children exposed to little money often clouds their ambition and they are brought to think that, that is all that there is to life. They end up dropping from school and becoming a hopeless bunch of citizens.
You do not have to be from a privileged  home or anything but there is a reason an infant is dependent on the parent and that reason  is to be well taken care of. That is what it should be about. Sacrifice. I respect the women who go out of their way to do some hard labour in order to make ends meet. I’ve seen women dig up trenches alongside men. That’s what I call a start.
I have been abused and had stones hurled at me by those very children for not giving them something they asked for. That is exactly how thugs are born. They get tired of rejection, then they hurl things at you then one day they go ahead and mug you in the street and then they get ambitious and become carjackers and thugs and bank robbers. Then we wonder why crime is so high.
 Things need to get nipped in the bud for us to have a better tomorrow and kids need to be kids when they have to be kids. For the adults, take responsibility of your own actions. It’s worth it.