The Beast in Beauty

The world could have its own definition of beautiful and so does the media and each ethnic region of existence. One person could look at one and not even notice them but the same person could be a hottie before someone else. 
The way I see it, men are the bigger bullies in this case. Men will say nasty things about a woman just because she has a forehead or because she is dark-skinned or acne or whatever it could be that they want to use. Including the body shape. Women are the curvier sex and trust me we can curve.  There are so many reasons why women curve but that’s a story for another day so women will have bigger torsos with smaller bottoms and  vice versa whereas some are even all the way from the top to the bottom.
Back to the bullies though. If you live in Kenya you have at least heard of #tujuane. I think it becomes a trending topic every Tuesday and don’t men have mean things to say about women. All the time people have to attack the woman. Even the women attack their own but it’s usually mild. But then again we are the ones who put ourselves out there on the chopping board. Why would you get out there and smear your sleazy self on national television?
Anyway, my trigger today is not even from social media. So, I was seated in front of these guys in the bus back home and there was traffic so there was plenty of time to browse the streets. I’m not sure what they were talking about before then but I heard them talk about some “ugly girl” and they happened to mention being dark skinned as one of the factors. I am a very dark skinned girl and I just had to look at whoever was talking and see how much of a Hottie McFly they could be. 
Why would you tell someone about the speck on their face when you have a log in your own eye? First of all you say dark girls are ugly and you are African. Well, all of your family could be light skinned and all, but you know what? Even Beyonce and Tyra are black, Trey songz and JCole too. As long as you have a stroke of dark running through your veins you are black and you are dark. Period. Let others be. Color means nothing. Stop dragging others down your drainage of negative vibes.  
Only the creator can judge the creation since with the hundreds of years of existence no one has been able to make anything close to a living being. Let the beast in the beauty exist without a pointing finger and let the beauty in the beast exist, because it doesn’t have to make sense. It just is. So let it be.

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