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I am tempted to say “it is I” being a great fan of Penguins of Madagascar.


Well, i am happy that i have finally done something i wanted. There are so many things i see on peoples blogs or websites that i would like to share with my friends or any of those interested. so i started this blog to reblog and repost other peoples blogs that i would like you to read and share.

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A day after my gratitude post, the mother of all horror and tragedy Kenya has ever seen strikes. I have not been able to say anything appropriate because for one I was shaken and second I could not bring myself to imagine what those who were in that mall felt or experienced. Leave alone that; people who have lost their loved ones. *sigh. It broke my heart over and beyond.
For those of us who were seeing it all on TV it was like watching a combination of Olympus has fallen and some terrible horror movie (I never watch horror movies Because I end up dreaming so I cannot give reference) maybe scream ( because I watched ten minutes of it on mute). The gun shots, the explosions, the helpless children and adults alike, the pictures making rounds (thanks to social media) and the people who are real not actors. I mean there is nothing like taken 4 Scene 8, it was all so real.
People have lost their loved ones in there, some are missing so you do not even know if you are to hold a funeral or keep searching with the hope for finding them soon. Victims are in both in shock and in pain it is not possible to just say get well soon. You cannot even hug them, I saw a very young boy who was shot on the shoulders. Let me not even get started on the children. I doubt they will ever forget the bloody scenes and the deafening explosions they heard. Anyone who bangs anything could send them into shock. Poor kids.
On the other side, we have to say we cannot take back what has happened so we will sit here and pray for you all who were injured and for those of you who lost your loved ones may God be there for you till you all heal. We are with you all the way and now we are even stronger as a nation because our blood now flows through our veins. Do not give up, we have hope that you will be fine and that we will fight the enemy as one to the end.
As for the people who went into that building on the rescue mission, we cannot thank you enough. God bless your souls and may he keep you from harm as you fight for the helpless. Someone wrote “True heroes are the people that run towards gunshots when everyone else is running from them. The Kenyan police, military and Israelite forces we commend you!” And the commander-in-chief of the armed forces had this to say; “your response has been nothing short of wonderful. We could not in all fairness ask more of you. I am deeply moved and proud to be your President”
There’s only so much I can say. As we enter the three days of mourning let us say a prayer for those who have lost their lives and for those fighting for their’s but above all, let us give thanks for the life and be grateful for every little thing. Somebody Died Last night, But I Didn’t. Somebody Didn’t Wake Up This morning, But I Did. I’m Not Lucky, I’m BLESSED. Thank God!


This generation tends to have celebrations after celebrations after flipping celebrations. Enhe, world hug day, handshake day, whatever-you-want-to-call-it day. But among those random holidays the one that just coincides with my post today is Worlds Gratitude day which is on the 21stof September.
Being the whinos that we constantly are its very hard to get things to thank for forget even seeing it. The thing is contagious and you never get well soon. It takes time, even so, you could be very careful not to catch any of that you know. Wherever you are in life just know that there’s someone else who has it worse than you do.
Give thanks for those around you, give thanks for the good health, and give thanks for the roof over your head. When there is peace at night (or day) that you can sleep or walk anywhere as you like give thanks because there are people who do not know what it feels like to be at peace as a nation or as a home. Speaking of walking, there are people without feet; or even if they have the feet they don’t feel them. Look at the crippled who cannot run for shelter when something comes their way or they cannot even cross the road even when there is a zebra crossing.
As you sulk, there are lots of people who are laughing their hearts out and they do not have half the things you have or any of the opportunities you’ve come across. When you do not want to get out of bed to fight for yourself, there are people who do not even have a bed or mattress but still think they are blessed and appreciate from the bottom of their hearts what they have.
Be grateful for every little thing; be grateful for those who pray for you and those who want the best for you. Be grateful for the challenges you encounter because at the end you will emerge a better person. What you are taking for granted someone is fasting for. Above all, be grateful for the good health and life because someone somewhere is fighting for their life.
You are blessed and gifted. The moment you start living like a blessed and gifted being, you will have began the journey to finding purpose in your life and happiness will be an added advantage. In all you do, be grateful and give thanks.