Who are these people and why are they giving us hard times? Where do they come from? I do not know a single sane person who supports that kind of unruly behavior.
I love watching games and cheering my team on every once in a while but I understand there are people who have made it their mission (probably their career too) to cheer matches in the most unruly and violent way. It looks like fun a few times then it becomes nuisance then it crosses over to madness.
Whenever I hear that my brothers from the lakeside are having a match I have to find an alternative route home. Who wants to get caught in traffic and the oblivious and bizarre ritual crowd scampering that goes on whenever these rascals are on the loose? And by the way I will never tell the difference between their win and loss. They win they come close to looting the town they lose same thing happens. They have become the ping pong on steroids version of Kristen Stewart.
Among the things I value, peace is one of them. And when peace is disturbed I do not think anything else can go on successfully. I do not like the tension that is looming everyone’s head when this kind of thing is taking place. I am certain there are people who are forced to shut down their business premises and some spend hours in traffic. News for you, time is money. Loses are made when engines purr on and on at the same spot and I am almost certain there has been a life lost as a result not to speak of the goods lost. At one point one of those guys attempted to grab someone’s all the way in his car. What nonsense!

The civilized kind of rowdy has its own time and place; like rugby matches and a house party that is supposed to be a slight replica of project X where people just want to go all the way out and have fun without causing anyone trouble. Someone please educate those illiterate bunch of raccoons to get lives or get shipped to an island in the middle of the Pacific ocean where they can carry out their Neanderthal practices as the rest of us try and build the nation.
Get it together people, it’s a high time; before you are banned from even tuck shops in your estate.

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