Losing a loved one in any way is not an easy thing. It gets tougher when that person is the pillar of your life. A friend of mine recently lost her dad and I could not even begin to think what it feels like to be in her shoes. It is almost impossible thinking that one day you will fall and no longer have anyone to genuinely fall back to.
Most of us have been blessed to have our parent’s right there with us all the way; seeing us through all the important milestones. But there is someone out there who is so bitter about never knowing the parent because of one reason or the other.
When I sit and reflect on how much of a support system my father has been, I do not think he deserves only one fathers’ day in the world. To me, every day, every minute, I celebrate this man that taught me of hope and resilience and being strong and helped me understand that there’s more to life than just expectations. The true expression of love and the best gift that God gave me for free.
I love you dad, and always will, no matter what ill always be your little girl. ❤
For some of us it might not be our fathers but there has to be that person you never want to lose. Ever! Celebrate them nevertheless because it will be too late when either of you is put to rest.

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