Modelling 101

When going to audition…
First, let’s talk about attitude. You have to walk into that room prepared, without a care in the world. Auditioning is an opportunity to shows, and that’s the one thing you love most, right? So don’t worry about booking the job or getting a callback. Just focus on giving a good performance. If you can do that, you’re already halfway home.

A lot of models get thrown when they arrive at the casting director’s office and find 10 other models who look just like them. Or on the flip side, models are often stunned when everyone else is 10 years younger or a different ethnicity. My question is, Who cares? None of those people are your concern. The audition is about you, not them. So keep your focus and don’t allow made-up anxiety to get in your way.

Here’s something else you need to know. don’t always expect to book an audition. Don’t get me wrong; I haven’t lost my mind. Bookings are a good thing, But auditions aren’t always about getting hired. They help you do well so the casting director will become a fan and start bringing you in on a regular basis. The more that happens, the more likely you are to become a working model.

Remember, casting directors want you to do a great job. They want to be impressed so knock ’em dead.

(not originally mine; forgotten the page i got it from)

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