2013 Music Review.

50th post finally. Yeah, I’m excited but then again we have 365 days a year and I have only done 20 posts. I did not do so well but at least I remember my login info, so I bet you know what I’m going to say next. Next year I will try post at least weekly. Bible.
I love music. Way too much, it’s something between an obsession and an addiction. I do not mind. I’m in love with house a little more than rock because…………. I can’t explain.
1.       Katy Perry- Roar who doesn’t like a feel good song? For real it might sound like I’m not thrilled but it just does it for me. As women, when we are going through something the lyrics speaks to us. A couple of close friends of mine have gone through hell and high water and I know this song has spoken to them in ways I’d want it to speak to me if I was in their shoes.

2.       Ellie Goulding – Burn makes me choke on tears for no good reason. Anywhere, anytime whether I’m out there having fun or just minding my own business. Especially the hook where she goes ” when the lights turned down/ they dont know what they heard/ strike a match /play it loud/ giving love to the world” 
 I do not know if it’s the pitch or maybe I heard it first when I was sad I have no idea. I am certain it’s not about to change either.

3.       Victoria Kimani – M’toto It’s my ringtone now. I love the fact that she says M’toto in a funny way. It’s just as badass as I want to sound and all things yeah I can handle this typa vibe going on. The beat is unpredictable, danceable and sing along and feel good and laidback at the same time. You can tell she isn’t trying too hard.

4.       Jaguar  – Kipepeo  like sugar to my ears this one came through; for me. With the fact that the guy wants to treat the girl right and be together forever. Now c’mon girls and the romantics tell me you don’t like that part of fantasy.

5.       Avicii – I could be the one The beat. The rendition. The mastering. And the Video. Forever in love with Avicii.
6.       Avril – Here’s to never growing up Honestly, I don’t care how old I am, when I go out partying I want to party so hard no one believes my age. Do not mistake that with immaturity. I like to have fun.
7.       Basto – Again and Again Kill me. I love #EDM you have no idea. If you want me to buy your product use this song as the bed. That’s just how much I love that song.
The Bad and The ugly
There could be a couple of songs I dislike and I want to throw up whenever they come up but I do not know who sang them so I will go with the one everyone is fussing about. So not worth it.
1.       Lorde –Royal   My goodness that song gives me ulcers. I dislike her attitude too but I know nobody cares. I like Tennis court though.  Blah. She should watch what she says about other artistes though.

Happy 2014 y’all. Dream big and make it happen. 

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