On this 98th day of January, I’d like to assume all of you reading this are doing just fine and by January next year you would have planned better.  If not, maybe you are trying to drag yourself past all the negative energy that make the month sound worse than it already is. The month has decided to stretch itself further than we are used to. How can a single month have 5 weeks, with days most spread out on working days! At least its coming to an end.

That’s the thing with life, nothing in it is an emergency, but being the procrastinators we are, we will always get caught under the January spell. And when people talk about it like it is a plague, believe me; little by little it will become the monster and the plague haunting you for days on end.  Ever heard of it’s all in the mind? It is true and I shall testify from experience. When you believe there is nothing in your account when you have little or enough to take you through, that money will disappear so fast from your account you will request for statements everyday; which costs money either way.

Technically, you get just about the same amount of salary you get every month or maybe even a bonus. Then we get a little too excited with the jolly season. I think you should earn the whole holiday experience. In November, take yourself through your income and your expenditure and look at what you have saved then see how much partying you can afford. Maybe if we gift ourselves accordingly we will not be waiting for pay-day come first week of the month.

Going mum about the situation, sweeping it under the rug won’t solve anything, but it just might save you the ulcers you are about to develop. Take it as lying in the bed you made yourself.  If you are already in the ditch, you need not wallow in your situation either. Take what you have and work with it. Don’t jump to borrowing yet because it will result to a cycle you might never get out of for the better part of the year.

How you handle your January is how you handle pretty much the whole year and probably your whole life. As it is still January till Friday, *sigh* we might as well choose to take the initiative to plan ahead for January 2015 (if we will get there) or blow it all up celebrating the end of January (too many January’s in one paragraph). P.S you can follow through those resolutions- if you have any, becoming a better person is the least you can do for you this year.

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