When the year started out I promised myself that I will write a blog post every waking day; no matter how cringe worthy it could be. But look at me. Two months into the year with one post I shabbily drafted.
Reason (read excuse) number one that I do not yet have a 20thpost this year is that I am a perfectionist. You should see my draft book. I have summaries upon summaries upon summaries of articles that I have told myself that I am going to research on. It sits in there as if it’s meant to structure itself into something meaningful. Then over time I lose the fire. It’s a habit I’m trying to tame though. I don’t just rumble on because at times I visit my older posts and I see why editors reject my work. It’s not even funny. I will not apologize to being a perfectionist though.
When I say I’m going to research on something, I do. Most of the time. The whole thing turns into a rolling ball of creativity and I tell myself ‘this can be developed into a novel or short story’ and leave it for further development.
 It made me realize I have a problem summarizing, but there is too much information I want to put out there regardless. At times it stays in my folders till it’s stale (like a post meant for valentines –s.m.h). We all have that thing we put away. Unfortunately, I have realized all the above reasons I have given are actually excuses.
I have made a pact with myself that each week I shall try and get out all that I can. As an aspiring writer I need to get out all the bad writings. In other words, practice makes perfect. Whatever art you are sitting on, push yourself harder, it pays. Enjoy your weekend. xx


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