Movie Review: Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers (2013)

Cast: Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens and some other people. (rolls eyes)

Writer and Director: Harmony Korine

Synopsis: Four childhood friends; now in campus would like to go for a spring-break vacation. They have been saving up for a while, but do not have enough money by the time spring break arrives. They decide to rob a restaurant for money for their spring-break trip.
 They get arrested at a party that was full of orgy-like tendencies drinking, despicable games, drugs and everything else you can imagine teenagers do in the name of having fun. Alien (James Franco) who is an underground rapper and drug dealer bails them out. Since they have no money on them, they have no choice but to follow the guy around.

Review: Never have I ever wanted to share my two cents on a movie so bad! What a waste of great talent, attention grabbing title (If that exists), and a whole 90 minutes. I first saw the trailer last year then forgot all about it until “spring break” Thing that drew me most into watching is Selena Gomez. God knows how much of a die-hard fan of hers I am. I figured, if Selena is featured it should be a good movie.

Thumbs up: Great movie title, Selena and Ashley. Good picture quality, okay music selection.

Thumbs down: Unnecessary elongated scenes, exaggerated effects, irrelevant speech, and lack of a story line.

The difference between Success and happiness


Success is all the money in the world; happiness is having people to spend it on.

Success is measurable; happiness is limitless.

Success is a fancy car; happiness is a great ride.

Success is working hard; happiness is loving the work.

Success is the fame; happiness is the rise.

Success is the race; happiness is the finish line.

Success is having everyone know your name; happiness is having the right people know your name.

Success is being right; happiness is being true.

Success is earned, happiness is achieved.

Success is awards; happiness is its own reward.

Success is money in the bank; happiness can’t be deposited.

Success is private jets; happiness is flying high.

Success is never easy; happiness will never feel difficult.

Success is money; happiness is value.

Success is sacrifice; happiness is plentiful.

Success is late hours; happiness is all day.

Success is second homes; happiness is always home.

Success is material things; happiness is in the materials.

Success is pursuing your dreams; happiness is living your dreams.

Success is praise; happiness is never needing it.

Success is reaching the top; happiness has no ceiling.

Success is all the money in the world; happiness is needing none of it.

Success is doing what you love; happiness is loving what you do.

Success is just ahead; happiness was never behind.

Success is pursued; happiness is acquired.

Success is getting everything you ever wanted; happiness is not needing any of it.

Success is calculated; happiness doesn’t need a cheat sheet.

Success is envied; happiness is shared.

Success is perfection; happiness is embracing the imperfections.

Success is going the distance; happiness is enjoying the destination.

Post written by Lauren Martin of Elite Daily.

The difference between experiences and mistakes.

Experiences help you grow; mistakes hold you back.

Experiences leave lessons; mistakes leave regrets.

Experiences make you smarter; mistakes make you question.

Experiences show you the way; mistakes lead you into the dark.

Experiences are necessary; mistakes are inescapable.

Experiences are great for stories; mistakes are for nights you can’t sleep.

Experiences build you up; mistakes tear you down.

Experiences are welcomed; mistakes are uninvited.

Experiences give you character; mistakes make you a character.

Experiences lead to new opportunities; mistakes take them away.

Experiences define you; mistakes bother you.

Experiences are praised; mistakes are pardoned.

Experiences hurt; mistakes hurt more.

Experiences create; mistakes destroy.

Experiences fill you up; mistakes empty you.

Experiences add value; mistakes add weight.

Experiences are for the great; mistakes are for the weak.

Experiences drive creativity; mistakes drive insanity.

Experiences last forever; mistakes last a minute.

Experiences create leaders; mistakes create lamenters.

Experiences drive creativity; mistakes drive madness.

Experience leads to new beginnings; mistakes feel like the end.

Experiences inspire creativity; mistakes create chaos.

Experiences are praised; mistakes are regretted.

Experiences mold you; mistakes burn you.

Experiences shower you; mistakes drown you.

Experiences are collected; mistakes are rejected


Post By Lauren Martin of Elite Daily.

I’m Done With You

Ari Eastman has been deeply hurt. We have all been through this once (or twice or three times, heck even four times) but you know what? After all is said and done, you rise stronger. So whatever it is you are going through, pick yourself up and walk on, you cant go back now.

This Is What Happens When You Love Someone Who Has Built Up Walls

I don’t think there should be such fights in love. You should never have to fight with someone to show you affection. Don’t hurt yourself fighting battles that should fight themselves; unless you don’t know your worth.

Why All Men Cheat on Loyal Women – By Kevin Hart

In order to posses a treasure, one must in return give up what the treasure is WORTH. Can I get an Amen!!

Why I Don’t Love My Fiance

Michael J. Pittman

In 130 days I’m getting married, and a friend recently asked me why I love my fiancé. I wanted to share a deeper perspective on Amanda and I’s relationship, so before I answered why I love her, I had to first explain to him the reasons I don’t love my future bride to be.

I came to two conclusions:
First is, I don’t love Amanda for what’s on the outside. I know. It sounds cheesy, it sounds sappy. This perspective is not a novel idea by any means. How many times have you heard someone say, “I don’t love you for what’s on the outside. I love you for what’s on the inside.” But that brings me to my second conclusion.

I don’t love Amanda for what’s on the inside either.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are many things on the inside and outside that I love about

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