The Pride of Kenya.

Anyone on social media can tell you how flooded their timelines are with Lupita News. I am one of those people who are thrilled that a Kenyan girl (forget where she was born) and #teamDarkSkin to be precise bagged that golden statue against big names like Jennifer Lawrence et al.
Lupita Showing off her statue on stage.
Lupita Nyong’o  bagged herself the first Academy Award for best supporting actress in her role as Patsey in 12 Years a slave, She has taken  home the same award at the Screen Actors Guild awards which I hear is like a Mini-Oscar accolade. She has also won the Broadcast Film Critics Assn. Award for the role, as well as a number of regional tributes from critics in Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, Phoenix and I think it is allowed if we lose count there. Nyong’o was three weeks shy of graduating from Yale Drama School when she was cast by McQueen.

I heard it on radio when I was leaving the house in the morning. Actually I was very excited I half expected someone to spring out of nowhere in traffic and entertain us with a happy dance. It could not be me since I am not as brave as our Sirkal brothers but still I would’ve loved to see something, anything. A flash-mob even. Don’t mind me, I watch too many movies.

Everyone  was wishing her the best before the show commenced but the one that stood out for me was Mr. President getting in touch with the youngins in all the fields of work.  This is a summary of what he put up on the presidential website “Lupita’s accomplishment testifies not only to her stupendous talent, but also determination and a willingness to go that extra mile which success unfailingly demands. It is our intention that Lupita becomes the first of an endless line of Oscar nominees and winners from Africa and Kenya. I therefore wish Lupita and her proud family all the best tonight. May this be the beginning of many splendid achievements.”


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Her acceptance speech was tear-jerking and I will not apologize for getting carried away with the wave of emotion in her tone (and isn’t she eloquent).


div class=”MsoNormal”>I am forever inspired as a village girl myself to aim higher and one thing I this whole thing today affirms us of is the golden statue doesn’t discriminate and so does success. The people who toil for their dreams eventually have their big breaks and this is more of a ticket straight to the glitz and glam.

Your faith is in your ability to succeed; hard-work and humility will take you places. Truly Lupitas dreams were valid and she made them a reality by going for what she believes in.  insertLuoAccent #Giniwasekao!!! Thoo!

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