Of Failure, Dreams and Works.

Another lot of hopeful candidates with valid dreams received their results this Monday. There are those who did great getting everyone marvelling at their excellence, the ones who got blinded with cameras on their grill and getting lifted shoulder high. They are the ones being used as a comparative in homes but hey, who wouldn’t be proud? The future financial engineers, scientists et al.
However they are not the ones who caught my eye. I would like to talk about those who switched off their phones (if they have any) and slept hoping they would wake up to better results. Often, that’s when the wave of regret hits you. You are suddenly aware of the wasted years of worthless rebellion in the name of having fun and YOLO. Who knew it would shut so many doors, right?
Surely the Lord works in mysterious ways. The news was however shadowed with Lupita fever which I’d call a blessing in disguise in this case. The looming vibe after The Academy Awards seems to be discouraging dumping books and following dreams. It is a good thing to have dreams; I mean what would we be and where would some of us be if not for them? There has to be strategy and approach to it than the dream itself. It is all in the planning because if you are beaten down seven times you get up eight and that is exactly what we need to recognize and emphasize whichever career path we choose.
Lupita was in college furthering her studies and was three weeks shy of graduating. Got that? She did not drop out of school or just sit and wait. She was also featured in Shuga 1 among other projects and she was good at what she did. She was not fixed because she knew people who knew people but she did show up to grab the opportunities.

 What people on the outside don’t see in the glam, prestige and victory is the amount of time, toil, resilience and passion invested. If we want to be something, and that includes anything legit, we need not sit and tweak our dreams all day legs thrown up in the air. Working tirelessly and not losing the focus on the prize has to be the ritual you subscribe to in that journey. Funny thing is, she said she did not grow up watching the Academy Awards, meaning her drive came from zeal and success, not fame thirst. 
She turned 31 on 1st of March just so you know. She did not feel too old to chase her dream neither did she let it take a back seat because she is from Africa. so hey, wherever you are from,your dreams are still valid; if you work for them.

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