Thank you

There’s always something to be thankful for and today I want is to be thankful for the year that God has let me see. It is not a guarantee that I’d see this day but He let me either way and that is what I call a blessing.
One person who never forgets my birthday is my father; it still leaves me tear-jerked, he called very early to wish me a happy birthday and I do not take that for granted.  He always thinks I’m groggy from crying (I was a cry baby most of the time he came to see me in boarding school back in Primary) whenever I sound like I’m asleep. Love you to bits pops, you are the best.
 I’d also like to be grateful for those who spared their time to be with me and those who made the effort to wish me a happy birthday indeed it has been a happy one.

To you reading this post, gracias; for stopping by, much appreciation.

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