Music Review (II)

Whoever said songs do not talk to people was dead wrong. I am a music fanatic although I can get a little choosy. My radio is always on and I survive through flipping through radio stations like I’m switching lanes or something. Id say few songs make me feel “some typa way.”  Lemme cut straight to the chase:
1. Sevyn Streeter: Wont Stop ft Chris Brown
Everything about this song just talks to me, the beats, tempo, lyrics, Chris Brown (uuuh child), Sevyn (no homo) the dancers, the scene, the TDH in there and all sorts of things. Won me over. I will not even lie to you.

2. Jhene Aiko ft Childish Gambino Bed Peace
Maybe I don’t get the drift but this song is about everything except Bed and Peace. Lol. Its poetic and real at the same time. Lets just say people are talented. Jhene sings her heart out without flinching a muscle and Gambino sounds so good without looking like he though long and hard to come up with lyrics. I wouldn’t believe if the two said they are working their behinds off. Thats what we call “music to my ears.” 

3. Britney Spears – Perfume
Maybe its the way it starts or its the pianos at the beggining, whatever it is, i love it. First heard it on a Saturday morning and in my sleepy state i just had to fumble in the beddings for my phone and shazam the damn jam!! Guess what, yeah, it was on repeat for the longest time ever. I like the way you expect her to hit a high note in the bridge and she goes all mellow.

4.Clean Bandit – Rather Be ft Jess Glynne
Here we go again with the beginning of songs. I fell in love with it the moment it started playing. Are those violins or what at the beginning? I think they are violins. How in love am I with that song? I however disagree with the video, I cant watch it on mute (that’s how I tell good videos from bad ones by the way). 

Just had to mention a few, I have long lists of these songs. They vary from time to time. What about you? Who feels the same about the above?

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