8 Things I Want To Tell Young Feminists

Thought Catalog


1. Be open minded

A lot of young people who are passionate about their ideals (whether it’s liberal or conservative ideals) tend to get really excited when they start to learn more about them. This is great, you’re digging into the narratives you’ve heard your whole life for the first time. Just — do yourself a favor and try to keep an open mind. Don’t get to a place where everything you see is “yet another example of rape culture.” You don’t do feminism any favors by unquestioningly accepting everything you see, hear or read simply because it’s said by another feminist.

2. Having an education or being informed does not make you correct

If your argument as to why you are correct and someone else is incorrect rests on “you need to educate yourself” or “take a women’s studies class” you are in the wrong. Simply having “done…

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