Michelle Obama brands Kenyan Ethical Clothing from ASOS latest Collection “ASOS WildAfrica”

Its FLOTUS wearing Kenyan. I gotta reblog that.



Although Michelle Obama loves her designer dresses, and has wowed in gowns made by Alexander McQueen, Tracey Reese and Jason Wu, however she is also not afraid to shop a bit thrifty and go Kenyan on her outfits. She was spotted a couple of months back wearing a $35 dress from high-street fashion retailer H&M and recently she was seen wearing a top from the ASOS Africa Collection.

Not only has Michelle Obama decided to shop high-street but has also decided to support ASOS in their plight to help local communities in Africa by wearing their collection. ASOS is working with SOKO in Kenya to produce the ASOS Africa Collection and also enable underprivileged communities to establish sustainable businesses through their local craftsmanship. The scheme will give £5 to each ASOS garment sold directly to help the construction of SOKO’s new East Africa workshop in Nairobi later…

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