Dreams and Decor

 If wishes can come true then may those wishes of owning a house come true sooner than I have thought about. The thought of gawaing my salary with my landlord is not funny but then again it is life and the fact that I have a roof over my head is something I should be grateful for. So I will stop complaining. I’ve been having grown people problems, or at least that’s how I’m beginning to see it.
Lately, I have spent hours & hours browsing through interior design decor blogs, IG pages and twitpics sighing at the beauty and therapeutic energy/feel it comes with it.

The chest of drawers at the corner with the piano keys,  

 I am particularly in love with the drama in black and white and the comic twist. in the above designs I got  here. The kitchen design won me over, that’s the one I want more than anything. That bench, (lqtm). the design is modern, simple and unique just the way I like it.

I do not care if my children will love this particular design but they could have to deal with this for a while. I love it. There’s no room for clutter or an excuse for not cleaning, goes perfectly with my mild O.C.D. When and if it gets too obvious, we can switch beddings throw in some very colourful ones to break the monochrome.
 Of course owning a house is one thing, furnishing it is another. I will make it my mission to start with the paintings in particular. I’m leaning towards D.I.Y these days, do not be surprised if I start doing this myself. How many of you feel this with me? or I’m just on my own, not that I mind.

Taking Stock 1

Been putting off taking stock because I thought I’ll never have something to say on some of the leads but then I thought I can never be ready. I will either keep postponing or just do it. The good thing is it provides for a third fourth and fifth time to do this.
Making: A book with details of how my future house should look like. I love interior design and I should be prepared for when my moment gets here. The current plan could be a little unrealistic because it looks toooo good but dreams shouldn’t be limited so I don’t think I’m going to change it.
Cooking: I am on a mission to try out new recipes, if that counts as cooking, yeah then I’m cooking different stews, I’ve had enough of beef and chicken.
Drinking: Coffee (in case you don’t live in Nairobi, it is my version of -24 degrees outside) I have to keep warm and the water is not as tasty .
Reading : My notes from school; I have CATs on CATs on CATs and I’m beginning to hate school which I already know I do but I have to do this anyway because somehow deep down I want those papers but nothing comes easy. I however give myself a break to read Biko’s blog. Blunt but hilarious guy.
Wanting: A car more than anything else right now.

Looking: For inspiration to double up my energy and hone my skills.
Playing: Scrabble. Alone. (Don’t judge, I’m an introvert and a loner, but I find peace in all that quiet) Although I would have loved for someone who shares my love for board games to join.

Wasting: Opportunities. Sad but true. 
Sewing: I’m learning how to sew mats from my friend Chamzy aka Fiona.

Wishing: For a miracle. As crazy as it sounds, I’m wishing for one.

Enjoying: The company family offers and Thanking God I have a loving and supporting one at that.

Waiting: For the day I can finally go to BoraBora or Maldives for vacation

Liking: the way people don’t act or get too familiar around me because my face comes out as a stone face. Hahaha Self-defense much!!! I like my circle small. 
Wondering: how long it takes to get toned abs and body. Been doing the exercises for three days now, at least they should start showing. Stop laughing. I’m serious.

Loving: Cute and playful children. I even proposed my colleagues bring their tots to work one day. Most of all I like to play with my nieces and nephews who can make you do some serious work out you had never prepared for but still want some more.
Hoping: That I get to at least 20 followers by the end of the month. Been on 15 since forever & that things fall into place sooner.

Marveling: At how patient I am with people who give me bullshit every time I give them another chance to prove themselves.

Needing: To get it together and chop these time-bandits off, without feeling bad.

Smelling: Jasmine Noir (my sisters cologne that I plan to borrow until she gets tired of me and lets me inherit it, or just keep using it until she runs out 😛 )
Wearing: Black blazer, black top, black trousers, black shoes. I feel like I’m mourning something I do not know I’ve lost. Yet. Like a bad habit. But why would I be mourning a bad habit anyways? Whatevs, point is I’m in black, head to toe.
 Following: this order of Taking Stock from Sharon of This Is Esswho in turn got it from Sydney Poulton of The Day Book (who has an adorable baby boy by the way)
Noticing: That I need to take myself seriously.

Knowing: That I will eventually get through this.

Thinking: About switching gears. Are you ready?

Feeling: So cold. A foot rub can do. Thanks.

Bookmarking: Writers Digest

Opening: Myself up to new experiences and opportunities.

Giggling: alone at some Giffs I came across that are about work. (I cannot find the link because I cleared my browsing history like  a criminal)
Feeling: great that I have finally done this.

Mid-Everything and Some Random post

It is mid-year, mid-month, mid-day, mid-it-is-so-cold where can we get some sunshine; it feels like the fourth year of January. I know there are people amongst us who do not even realize what time of the month it is. Hey Branson, Trump, The Walton’s and you, yes you, we see you.
The rest of us feel it in every single thing we go through. Folks from Rongai we know it’s worse because it has become unbearable, the fare hikes are up there with the clouds when it shows signs of rain, we feel you. I also hope no one is borrowing money to finance the throwing of rounds in bars while watching world cup. That would be tragic when your salary comes in and all you have is debts to settle.
Speaking of mid-year. Who remembers resolutions? Did you have them written down or they were the same old ones you recycled? Well, whichever way you chose to have them. How far into them are you? I was to start toning my body at the gym, but the gym nearest my house moved. Honestly, I was going to do it finally. I wanted that tight Boity-body (remember that lady from last year’s big brother? The one that did the social media thing? Her name is Boitumelo Thulo aka Boity: these S.A names, smh). Instead I switched to home-gym; where I was to do the exercises from the comfort of the house. I have had less than five sessions and all leg days I can have.
The rest of the things on that list are a tad too embarrassing to mention. Emotionally, I have been able to stand annoying people and I’m becoming more patient with uncouth people. Above all I have new profound respect for doormen, watchmen and guards, be nice to them. Those people go through a lot. Leave alone the time they wake up and go to sleep.
I want and need and want and need a car, not just any car, it is specified in my list so don’t think I would just hop onto anything with four wheels. I am tired of the public transport because it is inconvenient level 45,000. Some touts can be very harsh for no apparent reason. But I need a car.  
The end of the year is still far so you can cross of a few of those realistic things off your list. It is an amazing feeling and still better than not doing anything at all. You will also grow as a person and you will be closer to achieving your life goals; I mean the long term ones. Let nothing stop you, keep going. It is always better if you are going at a snail’s pace than not doing anything at all. Even on the days you do not feel like, just keep doing it. It will pay.

Celebrity crush or nah

You know, (no you don’t) but just maybe you do; the way girls have celebrity crushes, they see them and knees get weak. I don’t have that.  Instead choose to just appreciate the talent and move on. Plus I wouldn’t want the attention and drama that comes along with him being the man in my life. I would be jealous and insecure it wouldn’t even be funny. I like my man tamed or chilled or both, on the down low. That’s just the girl I am. I’m not saying I mind being a celebrity but when it comes to just the two of us I like a laidback life. I wouldn’t stand being followed by paparazzi all the time. I would be that bile girl who screams and kicks the paparazzi in their balls.

In my teenage life, I had a crush on Trey Songs and Chris Brown just because everyone had a crush and I had to find one. Yes, the chiseled bodies and toned everything looks enticing but I think I’m either too serious or a perfectionist. I look at other things beyond looks. I find Chris Brown very funny. Funny would do for me any day. But in this case I would like to be friends with him. Not because I’ll name drop and get my way or call his cell when I need to show off. 
The other person I find uber funny is T-Pain. I do not care how auto-tune his voice is; he is a friend I’d like to keep. The way he starts his songs is so hilarious and I do not mind a good laugh every now and then. His song Up down I’m not sure that’s the name is just typical guy doing his thing.  I love a good laugh just so you know. I have this friend whose level of retarded gets mine & our inside jokes are all over the place, the epitome of in sync. My ribs ache, literally. We were roommates in campus and for a whole semester I was a very happy girl. Marion, God bless you and may He keep you, for elongating my days. 
Where were we? Yeah, T-pain.  I decided this when I watched his Beautiful Peoplevideo. I liked the fact that they shot it using a kawaida camera. Showing people doing having unscripted fun and doing stupid dances. I wanted to be in that video and just have a good time. You know, like life is never that serious, HD cameras and directors sijui who. I find J-Cole very attractive but he is just that, I need more in someone in order for me to like them like I do CB and TP.
My favorite actress, Gabrielle Union too, is a friend I’d love to have, and keep for that matter. She is real and I could say I sorta relate to something about her, I cant put my finger on it. It could be the no-nonsense character and go-getter spirit she portrays in her roles.
People I’m sure I will never have  a crush on let alone a liking is Lil Wayne and Jay Z. Too damn complicated listen and I don’t even how good their floe-try is. I look to listen to songs and bob my head or dance not analyze and look for a deeper meaning I liked Kanye before his weird songs, the last album I liked was graduation. This artsy Illuminati things he does is not even interesting, I avoid them thinking he could brain wash or control my mind. Yeah, I tend to get paranoid.
 Then again you must imagine if I have crushes and then I am able to date them what sort of Kim.K or Amber Rose would I be. And hey you guyz who get friend zoned or bro-zoned, we do not have anything against you, its just that we want you around for longer. For real. 🙂


Father’s day is fast approaching and that is the one day I will not forget to celebrate the most precious being in my entire life. My father. Oh man, where do I even begin? When people have all these hazy memories of their childhood, mine is so vivid like it was just a few years ago. I bet that’s why i find it hard to believe how much time has flown and I’m now ageing. Well, age aside.
Worlds best Dad ever.
There is too much love in it for it to get lost in memory. If I could say what keeps me alive and going it has to be my father’s love. When you experience such unconditional love, nothing else compares or comes close. It is not remotely possible for me to write down how awesome a dad I have because it seeps beyond words and expressions.
I have had times in my life I have wanted to throw in the towel and just disappear but my dad’s encouraging words and his utmost positivity towards life and how he looks at things keeps me going. He has been my number one fan even when my achievements didn’t look like much before the face of other people. He renews my belief in myself each and every day effortlessly.
Dear Dad, thank you for being the one person I have always admired most (and brag about)J. You have never given me a reason to doubt your never-ending, undying support. That is why I will do my best to make you proud of me. I love you and I always will have your back the way you had mine and more.
When the time gets here, I hope to find a man like you to settle down with because that is the kind of fathers’ love I also want for your grandchildren. When you don’t succeed in other things, remember that you have always been a winner to me and you have all the trophies and medals I can ever give to the worlds’ best dad. And a happy one to my grandfather too J xx 

From my heart to yours, you are the world’s best dad, my Shujaa, My hero of all time.
My Grandpa and I