Celebrity crush or nah

You know, (no you don’t) but just maybe you do; the way girls have celebrity crushes, they see them and knees get weak. I don’t have that.  Instead choose to just appreciate the talent and move on. Plus I wouldn’t want the attention and drama that comes along with him being the man in my life. I would be jealous and insecure it wouldn’t even be funny. I like my man tamed or chilled or both, on the down low. That’s just the girl I am. I’m not saying I mind being a celebrity but when it comes to just the two of us I like a laidback life. I wouldn’t stand being followed by paparazzi all the time. I would be that bile girl who screams and kicks the paparazzi in their balls.

In my teenage life, I had a crush on Trey Songs and Chris Brown just because everyone had a crush and I had to find one. Yes, the chiseled bodies and toned everything looks enticing but I think I’m either too serious or a perfectionist. I look at other things beyond looks. I find Chris Brown very funny. Funny would do for me any day. But in this case I would like to be friends with him. Not because I’ll name drop and get my way or call his cell when I need to show off. 
The other person I find uber funny is T-Pain. I do not care how auto-tune his voice is; he is a friend I’d like to keep. The way he starts his songs is so hilarious and I do not mind a good laugh every now and then. His song Up down I’m not sure that’s the name is just typical guy doing his thing.  I love a good laugh just so you know. I have this friend whose level of retarded gets mine & our inside jokes are all over the place, the epitome of in sync. My ribs ache, literally. We were roommates in campus and for a whole semester I was a very happy girl. Marion, God bless you and may He keep you, for elongating my days. 
Where were we? Yeah, T-pain.  I decided this when I watched his Beautiful Peoplevideo. I liked the fact that they shot it using a kawaida camera. Showing people doing having unscripted fun and doing stupid dances. I wanted to be in that video and just have a good time. You know, like life is never that serious, HD cameras and directors sijui who. I find J-Cole very attractive but he is just that, I need more in someone in order for me to like them like I do CB and TP.
My favorite actress, Gabrielle Union too, is a friend I’d love to have, and keep for that matter. She is real and I could say I sorta relate to something about her, I cant put my finger on it. It could be the no-nonsense character and go-getter spirit she portrays in her roles.
People I’m sure I will never have  a crush on let alone a liking is Lil Wayne and Jay Z. Too damn complicated listen and I don’t even how good their floe-try is. I look to listen to songs and bob my head or dance not analyze and look for a deeper meaning I liked Kanye before his weird songs, the last album I liked was graduation. This artsy Illuminati things he does is not even interesting, I avoid them thinking he could brain wash or control my mind. Yeah, I tend to get paranoid.
 Then again you must imagine if I have crushes and then I am able to date them what sort of Kim.K or Amber Rose would I be. And hey you guyz who get friend zoned or bro-zoned, we do not have anything against you, its just that we want you around for longer. For real. 🙂

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