Mid-Everything and Some Random post

It is mid-year, mid-month, mid-day, mid-it-is-so-cold where can we get some sunshine; it feels like the fourth year of January. I know there are people amongst us who do not even realize what time of the month it is. Hey Branson, Trump, The Walton’s and you, yes you, we see you.
The rest of us feel it in every single thing we go through. Folks from Rongai we know it’s worse because it has become unbearable, the fare hikes are up there with the clouds when it shows signs of rain, we feel you. I also hope no one is borrowing money to finance the throwing of rounds in bars while watching world cup. That would be tragic when your salary comes in and all you have is debts to settle.
Speaking of mid-year. Who remembers resolutions? Did you have them written down or they were the same old ones you recycled? Well, whichever way you chose to have them. How far into them are you? I was to start toning my body at the gym, but the gym nearest my house moved. Honestly, I was going to do it finally. I wanted that tight Boity-body (remember that lady from last year’s big brother? The one that did the social media thing? Her name is Boitumelo Thulo aka Boity: these S.A names, smh). Instead I switched to home-gym; where I was to do the exercises from the comfort of the house. I have had less than five sessions and all leg days I can have.
The rest of the things on that list are a tad too embarrassing to mention. Emotionally, I have been able to stand annoying people and I’m becoming more patient with uncouth people. Above all I have new profound respect for doormen, watchmen and guards, be nice to them. Those people go through a lot. Leave alone the time they wake up and go to sleep.
I want and need and want and need a car, not just any car, it is specified in my list so don’t think I would just hop onto anything with four wheels. I am tired of the public transport because it is inconvenient level 45,000. Some touts can be very harsh for no apparent reason. But I need a car.  
The end of the year is still far so you can cross of a few of those realistic things off your list. It is an amazing feeling and still better than not doing anything at all. You will also grow as a person and you will be closer to achieving your life goals; I mean the long term ones. Let nothing stop you, keep going. It is always better if you are going at a snail’s pace than not doing anything at all. Even on the days you do not feel like, just keep doing it. It will pay.

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