Taking Stock 1

Been putting off taking stock because I thought I’ll never have something to say on some of the leads but then I thought I can never be ready. I will either keep postponing or just do it. The good thing is it provides for a third fourth and fifth time to do this.
Making: A book with details of how my future house should look like. I love interior design and I should be prepared for when my moment gets here. The current plan could be a little unrealistic because it looks toooo good but dreams shouldn’t be limited so I don’t think I’m going to change it.
Cooking: I am on a mission to try out new recipes, if that counts as cooking, yeah then I’m cooking different stews, I’ve had enough of beef and chicken.
Drinking: Coffee (in case you don’t live in Nairobi, it is my version of -24 degrees outside) I have to keep warm and the water is not as tasty .
Reading : My notes from school; I have CATs on CATs on CATs and I’m beginning to hate school which I already know I do but I have to do this anyway because somehow deep down I want those papers but nothing comes easy. I however give myself a break to read Biko’s blog. Blunt but hilarious guy.
Wanting: A car more than anything else right now.

Looking: For inspiration to double up my energy and hone my skills.
Playing: Scrabble. Alone. (Don’t judge, I’m an introvert and a loner, but I find peace in all that quiet) Although I would have loved for someone who shares my love for board games to join.

Wasting: Opportunities. Sad but true. 
Sewing: I’m learning how to sew mats from my friend Chamzy aka Fiona.

Wishing: For a miracle. As crazy as it sounds, I’m wishing for one.

Enjoying: The company family offers and Thanking God I have a loving and supporting one at that.

Waiting: For the day I can finally go to BoraBora or Maldives for vacation

Liking: the way people don’t act or get too familiar around me because my face comes out as a stone face. Hahaha Self-defense much!!! I like my circle small. 
Wondering: how long it takes to get toned abs and body. Been doing the exercises for three days now, at least they should start showing. Stop laughing. I’m serious.

Loving: Cute and playful children. I even proposed my colleagues bring their tots to work one day. Most of all I like to play with my nieces and nephews who can make you do some serious work out you had never prepared for but still want some more.
Hoping: That I get to at least 20 followers by the end of the month. Been on 15 since forever & that things fall into place sooner.

Marveling: At how patient I am with people who give me bullshit every time I give them another chance to prove themselves.

Needing: To get it together and chop these time-bandits off, without feeling bad.

Smelling: Jasmine Noir (my sisters cologne that I plan to borrow until she gets tired of me and lets me inherit it, or just keep using it until she runs out 😛 )
Wearing: Black blazer, black top, black trousers, black shoes. I feel like I’m mourning something I do not know I’ve lost. Yet. Like a bad habit. But why would I be mourning a bad habit anyways? Whatevs, point is I’m in black, head to toe.
 Following: this order of Taking Stock from Sharon of This Is Esswho in turn got it from Sydney Poulton of The Day Book (who has an adorable baby boy by the way)
Noticing: That I need to take myself seriously.

Knowing: That I will eventually get through this.

Thinking: About switching gears. Are you ready?

Feeling: So cold. A foot rub can do. Thanks.

Bookmarking: Writers Digest

Opening: Myself up to new experiences and opportunities.

Giggling: alone at some Giffs I came across that are about work. (I cannot find the link because I cleared my browsing history like  a criminal)
Feeling: great that I have finally done this.

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