Dreams and Decor

 If wishes can come true then may those wishes of owning a house come true sooner than I have thought about. The thought of gawaing my salary with my landlord is not funny but then again it is life and the fact that I have a roof over my head is something I should be grateful for. So I will stop complaining. I’ve been having grown people problems, or at least that’s how I’m beginning to see it.
Lately, I have spent hours & hours browsing through interior design decor blogs, IG pages and twitpics sighing at the beauty and therapeutic energy/feel it comes with it.

The chest of drawers at the corner with the piano keys,  

 I am particularly in love with the drama in black and white and the comic twist. in the above designs I got  here. The kitchen design won me over, that’s the one I want more than anything. That bench, (lqtm). the design is modern, simple and unique just the way I like it.

I do not care if my children will love this particular design but they could have to deal with this for a while. I love it. There’s no room for clutter or an excuse for not cleaning, goes perfectly with my mild O.C.D. When and if it gets too obvious, we can switch beddings throw in some very colourful ones to break the monochrome.
 Of course owning a house is one thing, furnishing it is another. I will make it my mission to start with the paintings in particular. I’m leaning towards D.I.Y these days, do not be surprised if I start doing this myself. How many of you feel this with me? or I’m just on my own, not that I mind.

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