Keep doing it.

This generation couldn’t get any better. I am inspired to say the least. Everywhere I look, there’s ambition, assertiveness, vision, toil and want. Young and rich individuals outdoing themselves day in day out, I cannot lie, I’m inspired.

For as long as I can remember I’ve had these dreams of being great. I love to write and have thought the paths of writing I want to venture into, perfect my craft and curve a niche for myself at the same time not limiting myself. From the look (and feel) of things, I am going to turn into a Jill of all trades. Would it hurt if I have so many things going on for me or will I be spreading myself too thin? We will figure that on the way up.
 When I sit back and look at people who would’ve done great in various industries but they did not take up the chance, I fret and remind myself that I will not be that person who looks back and regret. Definitely I would not be that person who looks and thinks “I wish I would’ve started earlier”, which I am already doing and it is killing me.

I see people my age doing things I have yearned for years on end and I ask myself what am I not doing right? Why am I not the one there or shouldn’t we be at par. Do not confuse that with comparing myself with other people. One thing we all need to know is there is nothing new under the sun. You are either doing something as you saw someone else do it or you are doing it in a better, easier way which I like to call the science way since Science is making work easier.
I understand that there is no manual to follow to the letter but you have to be willing to be wrong for you to grow and go places. Trying new things doesn’t mean they will take flight. People and plans fail but you have to be willing to dust yourself off and trying again. You can fail miserably on so many occasions.  In the end, it will give, either because of your resilience, patience, faith or all of them.
This generation can be one of glorified hobbies or most of us believe in being destined for greatness and stopping at nothing. There are those of us who give up quickly and there are definitely not faint hearted; and it is definitely not for the light hearted. When you embark on the journey to discover yourself, come with enough heart to chase whatever it is that you are looking for. Your future, the legacy you leave behind, the people you inspire along the way both knowingly and unknowingly, will thank you for not giving up.
Martin Luther, Mandela, Maya Angelou, Oprah, Tyra, Lupita, (me *cough cough) and all those people you look up to did not stop where they started. They kept doing it with everything they got and eventually the world gave back to them in due time. Do not despise your efforts, who knows, you could be the next Obama or whatever it is your heart desires.

4 thoughts on “Keep doing it.

  1. Inspirational piece right there! Indeed we should follow our dreams no matter the price. Do your thing, who knows you are probably gonna win a pulitzer some day and be like Donna Tartt and JK Rowling


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