Why do I have 60 posts in two years when other people have 600+ on their blogs over the same time frame? Is it the thought block/ idea block perhaps? Waiting for recognition or what? Don’t worry. I do not expect you to answer those questions seeing that this is me questioning my endeavours. Those are the questions I often ask myself as I look through my blog for the umpteenth time, looking for inspiration. Weird much?
See, it takes time to grow in any creative industry, unless you are born with the “oh, you are so good” type of talent, or you have had the opportunities to grow around these fields. If you are, thank your ancestors. These are the kind that either had their first try at various jobs when they were 5 or less. So the bug bites you early and it is easy for you to figure exactly what it is that you want to pursue. Typical story of a few of the actors and musicians who have come from a lineage of people doing the same thing so it is easy to relate and they have the support, I’d like to assume.
 Then there are those who come from the typical professional kind of background. Where we are encouraged to be strictly doctors, engineers, nurses, teachers, and the whole shebang of formal employment. It is work trying to figure out what you want to be exactly and do just that. I know people who go into college start out with one thing only to switch for a third and fourth time, some do this and still regret.
From where I stand, I now understand why they wanted us to go into such fields. There is a very little chance of lacking a job and it is safe, in as much as you earn peanuts. That was all love. Enter Tracy. Tracy finds safe boring; I cannot sit behind a desk my entire life, I mean yes I can sit from time to time when I am putting my thoughts down. I want something interesting. Not writing on a chalk board then erasing, what’s the point?
DISCLAIMER: I have nothing against teachers but I think it should be a calling, not something you decide to do because you do not have another option. Mostly, the drama that comes with being a teacher. Being on duty, sijui who has done what, so and so didn’t complete the homework, some 12 year old feels like an adult enough to talk back. It can get personal and I might end up not liking that kid for a very long time and I do not want to be a dream killer. Like the teacher who said Einstein will never amount to much. I bet he regrets with all the vessels of his veins.
From the little knowledge I have gathered so far, it is important to follow your passion. Like some 11 year old I know who wants to be a taxi driver, its good. Whatever floats your boat and brings satisfaction. As cliché as it sounds, it is paramount. If this kid gets to 22 and still wants to be a taxi driver I think he can make a great one and probably own a fleet.

I doubt I will be able to do what I desire if I am at the wrong post. You cannot practice A if you are at C; it is going to be a little bit hard. Find what you love and let it kill you. I urge you to follow your passion because when the light goes out you don’t want to have regrets. Or do you?

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