My Black is Beautiful.

Skin lightning has never been a reality to me nor a thought. Topic for discussion maybe but I have never thought of doing it myself.Ever!!! I am saying this hoping that I will not wake up one day with shallow thoughts and just throw in the towel. I mean, I love my skin pigment, not because I am trying to convince myself but because I love being dark. Period.
Those who have met me know that I am dark enough. The ebony kind of dark. If I were in south Sudan, they’d think I’m their own. I have been mistaken for a Sudanese at one time by some white lady during an audition.  My middle and surname sound a little Nilote to foreign ears perhaps. So I let it slide because I wasn’t offended anyway.
The only thing that could sell me out could be my body structure maybe. I am skinny yes but my sisters tease that I am the starved kind of skinny considering I was once a size 12 going on 14 and now I am a 6 leaning towards 4. I like it like this though. It is the smallest i have ever been in my entire life. I know the day my weight shoots up I can never come back to being a 6, maybe an 8. So let me enjoy it while it lasts. I find the Sudanese girls athletic and very lean. Some are the high fashion type of lean and the rest are just lean.
Did you know we have a whole street, no I’m exaggerating – its like 7 to 10 shops on the same lane, in the Central Business District that is dedicated to cheap, filthy skin lightening cream. I was running errands looking for fabric and I was directed to a textile outlet on some downtown street.
I was shocked and exasperated when women kept scampering towards me asking if I wanted “mafuta ya uso”?
OK. If you bleach, why don’t you do the whole damned body though? You know your body has to match pigments, then you go ahead strip off melanin on your face and leave the rest of it. Well. I understand we all are entitled to opinions and decisions but some of us need help making these guidance’s. Decide if you want to remain dark or go light skinned, not zebra patches.
You are beautiful just the way you are. If you think you are not, then be your own kind of beautiful. If you do not believe all that, take a look in the mirror. The person staring right back is beautiful. After all that you don’t believe then go ahead and dip yourself in it.
-I don’t think you are beautiful, I think you are beyond it.-  Dwayne Carter