In Front of the Camera – The Behind [ #FinishtheStoryFriday ]

mmmmhhh cant wait for Nov 28 for the ending. Interesting.


Whenever Zukiswa was in front of the camera, everyone focused on her behind. It didn’t matter that she had an arts degree from the country’s prestigious university. It didn’t matter that before taking on any role, she read psychology papers and studies about people who displayed qualities similar to the character she would play. That she meditated before recordings each morning, to assimilate Zandi, the character she played, also mattered very little. They could only see her behind.

The first week she appeared on The Show, social media was flooded with comments and posts about her figure. The flash writing had attached itself to hashtags and littered every timeline. She sat in her chair in the dressing room, and slid her fingers over the comments she read on her phone.

I will never miss an episode of #TheShow now that Zandi is on – one post read.

Zandi’s #PowerAsset is…

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