Happy New Year

2014 is coming to a close and I just felt the need to join the rest of bloggers in gracing NYE with a post. It has personally been a good year for with constant highs and quite a few lows but most of all this year has flown past. We all agree. So many things have taken place in what may have seemed as a short instance but the fact that I am obliged to put it down it can only mean that I am grateful to my creator for every little thing.

As I am writing this, the song on my mind is some reggae jam that goes, “thank you God for what you’ve done for me, thank you God for what you’re doing now, thank you God for
every little thing” *karaoke moment* you bet  I closed my eyes, left hand on chest and the right up in the air. Savoring those very words.

I am thankful for my family, good health, the hope that a new year brings and all the experiences & lessons that have shaped me. Here’s to new beginnings, to better days, moving up the ladder in all spheres and perhaps closer to your dreams.

Happy new year.

Taking Stock 2

Photo Credit: Leon Muli
Photo Credit: Leon Muli

Making:  A to do list with time frames. Not resolutions.  Let’s just say a to-go list because the list has enough places to be visited.

Cooking: I don’t think I will be cooking today but I am thinking, bread crumb chicken drumsticks.
Drinking: Ceres sparkling white Grape Juice. The thing tastes like sugarcane. If I wasn’t the one that poured it in my cup I would’ve sworn it was sugarcane Juice. How can I be so sure about something I have never tasted anyway? But I hear it exists, I should add that to my list, aye?
Reading: Americana by Chimamanda Ngozi. Yes I know I am late but hey.
Wanting: To leave town, these walls of my house are caving in.
Playing:  Nothing at the moment. I needed silence. Very Unusual.
Wasting: My time constantly on the internet.
Sewing: DIYing and altering some of my clothes that I cant bring myself to get rid of.
Wishing: I can learn how to discipline myself when it comes to Internet because it is here to stay and it can be both a tool of destruction or production. I need to learn when to log on and when to switch off the phone and live a little.
Enjoying:  Mobogenie. A mobile app that allows me to download all kinds of International tracks and they actually offer you different versions of the song, hence how I found out about KygoRemix of Cut your teeth.
Liking: The thought of a new year. For the first time in a while I feel like there’s something to look forward to. There’s sort of a wave of change and better things.
Wondering: When I am going to stop obsessing over my ideas and start actualizing them.
Loving: Kyla La Grange’s Cut your teeth (Kygo Remix) I basically all of Kygo’s remix but that is my fav.
Hoping: I get to accomplish half the things I have been dreaming of all my life. Starting with baby steps.
Marvelling: At how 2014 has flown by. The true definition of time flies, its like we blinked twice and found ourselves in December and the way we had 58 months of January.
Needing: So many things, sometimes I think I’m being unrealistic but the heart wants what it wants.
Smelling: Boiled sweet potatoes from the neighbor’s house.
Wearing: A grey sweatshirt, black pants.
Following: Team_Terra on IG
Noticing: I now have a headache because I didn’t have breakfast and its 1 pm already.
Knowing:  That I will be the only one saving myself.
Thinking: About shoes I saw at backyard, I need 1712 pairs of heels. (#HoarderAlert)
Feeling: Empowered by the plans I am laying out and decisions I am making lately.
Bookmarking: Torrent. I need to download tones of movies, my dealer is not reliable no more.
Opening: The fridge and I’m not feeling the food in there. What’s my problem? I’m hungry but I do not want to eat.
Giggling: At stuff on “Fucking Good Advice” It is an Android app that has a curse word in every sentence; I find it funny if you ask me. You should try it.

Feeling: Grateful for the year that has been. It has had its ups and downs but most of all, I am glad that I am alive and healthy and I cannot tell you how much God has been good to me for granting me that.

5 Things you didn’t know about me.

5. My neutral expression makes me look like a snob, no-nonsense person and sometimes unfriendly. I am not even complaining. That has sort of helped me because I get the upper hand in initiating conversations and getting them going. I am not often very open to everyone but when I do I tell enough, maybe to the point of TMI. At times I am a meanie I surprise myself, sometimes I just don’t care about anything going on around me; just minding my business, but once in a while I get too friendly I think I could be dying. Don’t get me wrong but I have heard stories of people being over friendly during their last days, freaks me out a bit.

 4. I’m a little bit of a neat freak, I’m told J. When I organize stuff, I use a certain order. For instance, clothes; I might organize them according to color, type (official, casual or tops, bottoms) so when someone touches my stuff I could notice that something has been moved because they might not have returned them in the order I put them in. (Anita, it’s not magic or hidden cameras) A little bit of T.M.I, everything I hang faces the same side and so do the hangers. Some of my friends find that odd.  How many of you do that too? There’s even a time I used to have the hangers have the same space apart then I thought that would just be extreme so I stopped.
3. I am very hypersensitive to cold. When I was in primary, I used to swell up with lumps anywhere on my body. The sole of my feet, palms of my hand, in my tongue, on my lips, anywhere; but they would subside when I get warm. Good thing they are not itchy, just uncomfortable. There are times the lumps could form on my fingers and I couldn’t write. Good thing is I no longer have them now, I think I adapted but cold feet and palms never left. I cannot sleep without socks on because I have to aid my feet to get warm before I get any sleep. Without the socks I could take up to an hour to fall asleep. My friends joke that I have lizard feet. I wear sweaters to the rave when the temperatures drop a degree less and if it is daytime and we are at 16 degrees I’m wrapping up and layering like an Eskimo. Gloves, scarfs and all. I have no idea how I would survive in the Alps or regions that experience winter to begin with.

2. You know how KOT diss  Kenyans with accents? I cannot. Because I am a victim of adopting an accent as fast as I can drop it. If I go to my shagz for two days, no, maybe a week, and the people I interact with have this pitch in their speech, it grows on me. There was a time I used to watch that Kardashians  show all day. I was surprised how much I spoke like a whackass socialite the days after.  I am certain that if I leave the country for a considerable amount of time you probably wouldn’t recognize my speech at first.

1. I am not sure what is the strangest or most unusual thing about me but here goes. I am sentimental about stuff for no apparent reason. This has led to hoarding tendencies which is not a good thing if you ask me. There’s stuff I don’t use but I can’t get rid of. For example I have a backpack my dad bought me in 2000. I can’t bring myself to get rid of it. It has faded and the zipper doesn’t hold but I can’t let go. My cousins used to get me stickers and glowing pens in Primary, I still have some of those in my stash.
Well, now you know a little more about the girl behind this blog. I hope reveal a little more later. Thanks for stopping by. Happy holidays. :*

Social Media is a Lie.

Social media can be many things but the only thing I’m thinking right now is how much of a lie social media is. People come from Slovakia when they don’t even know where that is on an actual map. Some have been around the world and back just from their beds while others have worked or been CEOs at UN, BBC and signed contracts with Young Money as they hop from one squeaky bar stool to another and crashing on people’s couches.

A friend of mine updates a status on 22nd Dec “If you are working today, you are either a medic, self-employed, disorganized or you have your priorities wrong. Which one are you?” I am not even working but I immediately went like, who are you to judge why other people are working? These are some other pretty legit reasons not within the update that actually explain why people would be working over the festive season.
Anyway, who are they to deserve an explanation? Nobody owes you a damn explanation. I don’t owe anybody an explanation, that’s how I live my life. I choose to work when I want, however I want to and from whenever, as long as I deliver. I work odd hours all the time because I work to perfection and some are delicate deliverables that I have to get done. If I had things to do I would work on the 24th, 25th even the 26thtoo. I mean, c’mon, you want it that bad, go for it!! Whenever, wherever, however, as long as it is legal and decent.
 Personally the festive season is a complete waste of time. And Jesus wasn’t born on the 25thof December by the way. Show me a verse in the bible that supports that. I don’t like what everyone obsesses over. It’s just how I am. If everyone wants it, I don’t. (Except money and success and happiness: D I might have to rephrase this,) I don’t like Christmas.
We have become pathological liars with the help of social media. Captions, hashtags, filters, are mostly lies, including some moments. Socialites steal pictures just for Instagram. Google it. If you are having the time of your life at the concert why are you busy filming from your cheap phone instead of dancing your heart out? If you don’t get high as a kite and lose that phone, maybe you might have a good memory of the whole concert and keep the phone and the purse too while you are at it.
Everyone out there is applauding achievements and success because that’s how society is, its only human nature to show you are happy even when you are clearly not. From a page you can figure so and so is “happily single”, in a relationship, trips out of town every now and then, loving their work, dinner at a high-end hotel of course, then they are engaged, wedding shopping, #happily married, getting pregnant, popping, new cars, vacations and all. Hardly will you see, sleepless nights, late with rent, I don’t even have examples because I see none of them failures. But these same people go through tough times. Some are even depressed.
 People do post photos of funerals and other tragic things but not as often, yeah? Say 2% of Instagram could be depicting grief. People go through so much we will never be aware of because they will never mention it; instead that’s when they will think of having a social media Detox. It works. The moment you do not feel the pressure of being caught by your friends random camera or paparazzi maybe you could let loose or be your actual self and don’t give a f**k or two.

Don’t believe everything you see. Photoshop is real. The filters exist. Some people will plagiarize and not even feel ashamed. Behind every good #selfie there are a couple ugly ones deleted. Take a break live a little and don’t forget to #LOVEYOURSELFIE. 

These sources of ideas and their timings

We all have walked into a room, forgotten what we wanted, walked out then remembered ( or not). That’s me. Most of the time. I get ideas when I’m in odd places. Then once I find the time to sit and actually write something down, I go blank.  And I had the thoughts aligned very well to the conclusion. Well, such is life.

Another way to actually get ideas is starting to write. Anything. As long as it flows. I have enough half baked posts in my archives because what happens is, if an idea creeps up when I’m in the middle of doing something else unrelated to blogging, I write two or three lines in there to remind me what exactly it is I want to write about.

Water has its way of giving me ideas. Especially, when I’m doing laundry. I do laundry once every fortnight if I have the time or once a month. Don’t judge. Thank you. The unusual thing is that when you have that many garments to wash, you are probably going to be there for two or more hours. I’m very meticulous and I take my time doing stuff. Laundry especially, according to me, requires that you have psych to wash so if I start I have to finish because if I break to sit and type something it would mean that stash might have to wait two more weeks or whenever I feel like washing again. When I’m in there scrubbing away I have tons and tons of ideas flowing from my head to Buckingham Palace and back.

 I actually start to think the content of each of the ideas until they overflow and intermarry and I’m left to think maybe I should go ahead and be an author already. I’m actually working on a book, play and all sorts of stuff, same story again, ideas giving birth to ideas. Spring cleaning, (arduous task that one) also gives me the same vibe. Too bad, this also takes time, like a whole day, and my body needs to agree with my brain that I’m really going to do this so no breaks allowed.

There is a time I was in the exam room and my thoughts went astray because, well, I was through with what I knew and I don’t do guess work too well but maybe I should try it sometime. The regulations are that, you should not write anywhere else apart from within the margins of that booklet. So it’s an hour to time and I feel like my wrists are chained and I’m burning up with ideas.

I have to confess 8-4-4 broke me if not made me worse. You know the way you read for exams and as soon as you write it down you have to re-read it in order to explain it properly? That’s how I function. I could not write anything anywhere, thinking was the only option at that time. By any chance if I would write down that would mean that idea walks away with the outlet thanks to the restrictions. I either note it down and expound on it later when I have time. Because if I let it stay in my head hoping it could come back in the same force when I’m ready there’s a 0.09 chance of that happening.